Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Apples


Nothing screams British produce more than crisp, juicy apples: if we were to have a national fruit, I’m pretty sure they would have bagged the title. And there’s so many different varieties as well: Bramley, Cox and Raeburn to name just a few! The time that they are in season tends to vary depending on the type, but most are available from around early September, making this prime apple picking time! They’ll also be available in abundance at the farmers markets so be sure to pick some up on your next trip and indulge in a spot of autumnal baking.

Apples are the perfect ingredients for hot comforting, autumnal desserts such as pies, crumbles and muffins but also work really well in savoury for a fresh crunch - we particularly love raw apple slaw! We’ve put together a few of our favourite ideas and tips below to help you make the most of apple season.


- Stewed apples are perfect alone as well as in crumbles and pies and are our true autumn staple. To stew apples, chop them into small chunks, add them to a pan over a low/medium heat with water, cinnamon and ginger, cover and leave for 5-10mins or until tender
- Stewed apples can then be made into crumbles and pies - try adding another fruit such as blackberries or plums then add an oat crumb or pastry topping for a delicious, hot dessert
- Try them for breakfast as well - top your porridge with stewed apples or serve them with coconut yoghurt and a sprinkle of seeds
- Baked apples are a really quick and easy dessert - core the apples and stuff them with walnuts, drizzle in honey and bake for 30 minutes!
- Apples are also the champion of green juices - perfect for adding sweetness to your greens
- They also work really well in savoury - shred an apple along with cabbage and carrot for a crunchy, fresh slaw