Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Parsnips

Ah, October. By this point Autumn is truly in full swing: the leaves are golden, the nights (and mornings) darker, and the desire for comfort food is calling. Luckily, nature has answered, and the current seasonal offerings are slightly more stodgier and satisfying than their summer predecessors - Parsnips being one of the best. Parsnips can get quite a bad rep - childhood memories of steamed, flavourless parsnips still loom but they can really be a thing of beauty when cooked properly. 

Roasted parsnips are such a (guilt free) treat and work well with so many different flavour combinations besides the traditional honey glaze. These will then spruce up anything from your lunch time salad to Sunday’s roast dinner and are a much healthier, tastier replacement to roast potatoes. Parsnips also work well in rosti’s and potato hash for a healthy brunch option, and believe it or not, also make for a deliciously moist cake - vegetables in cakes are totally our thing. 

Parsnips are in season from mid October to late February and tend to be sweeter later in the season as frost helps turn the starch content into sugars, but are still delicious throughout! Below, we’ve put together our favourite tips and tricks for the perfect parsnips as well as a recipe for our irresistible cinnamon + tahini roasted parsnips. 


- Parsnips can be roasted either whole or cut into chips or squares. Simply drizzle with a splash of oil, spread on a baking tray covered with baking paper and bake at 200C for 20-45 minutes depending on the size. 

- To get the most nutrients from your parsnips, do not peel them. Simply scrub the skin and roast. 

- Roasted parsnips work wonderfully with so many spices and herbs and provide endless possibilities! We particularly love honey + rosemary, paprika or cumin + cinnamon.  

- Parsnips make for a delicious breakfast rosti - simply grate your parsnips, mix with egg and seasoning then fry for 5 minutes on each side - serve with poached eggs and smoked salmon for the perfect weekend brunch!

- Parsnip cake is apparently a traditional Swedish bake and is delicious! The parsnip adds moisture to the cake as well as a subtle root flavour - we highly recommend trying it!