Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Pears

Poached, caramelised, roasted, sautéed. The options are endless, and all delicious thanks to the sweet and juicy flavour of pears. Quite often they can be overlooked in favour of their close relation, apples, but pears offer a unique and delicious taste which is perfect for this time of year. Their flesh is quite fragile and delicate and once picked, they will continue to ripen, getting even sweeter. 

Pears tend to be easy to find throughout the year, but are in season in the UK from October until February and are definitely much tastier at this time! They also pair really well with other produce that is in season at this time such as chestnuts, quince, cranberries and game. They work really well in both sweet and savoury, and we’ve put together some of our favourite tips and tricks below! 


- Pears go really well with winter spices such as ginger, cardamon, cinnamon and star anise. Try slicing a pear and sprinkling with winter spice then roasting in the oven for a healthy treat. 

- It’s also a wonderful porridge addition! Try grating pear and stirring it into your porridge along with vanilla for an alternative to adding it afterwards.
- Poached pears are a simple but effective dessert. Poach pears in anything from red wine to beetroot or ginger syrup and serve with coconut cream for a hassle free dessert. 
- They also work incredibly well in tarts, frangipane’s and pies and can easily make a beautiful bake when sliced and layered on the top. 
- Pears aren’t limited to just sweet options either. Sliced pear can transform a salad instantly and pairs wonderfully with dark leafy greens and walnuts. 
- For a warm dish, pear goes really well with game such as duck, goose or pheasant. Roast the pear alongside other vegetables such as parsnips and shallots and serve
- Also try adding chopped pair to a mix of quinoa and other veg and use as a stuffing for a roast squash