September: Why we are Embracing Autumn With a Smile

Judging by the weather this past week, I think it’s safe to say that Summer is officially over in England and that Autumn is upon us. The nights are slowly getting darker, the weather colder and the high-street seems to have transformed from bikinis and tropical prints to jumpers, coats and anything woolly overnight. September also brings with it ‘back to school’, back to work and an overall sense of back to routine. It isn’t sounding too appealing so far is it? But here at pollen+grace we really love September and everything that it brings with it, rain as well. To help shift your end of summer slump and get you excited too, we thought we’d share our top 5 reasons to embrace the end of arrival of Autumn. 


Pumpkin season alone is enough to get us worked up about the arrival of Autumn, but September brings with it an abundance of amazing new fruit and veg that we just can’t wait to get our hands on, and cook up some delicious meals. Butternut squash, parsnip, turnip, red cabbage, figs, apples and plums to name just a few, there’s so many new ingredients to play with that our brains are working overtime conjuring up so many possible new recipes and meals. Even better, the array of fruit and veg available are perfect for cooking up hearty, comforting food ideal for the colder evenings. Butternut squash soup? Cinnamon stewed apples? We can't wait to get started!


Speaking of those colder evenings, it’s time to embrace them. As much as we love the excitement of summer, there’s only so many pop-ups and car parks turned bars/outdoor cinemas/all round everything-in-one venues that we can take before it all just gets too much. Autumn calls for more nights in away from the cold, curled up with friends and family, possibly a good bottle of red, that previously mentioned food and great conversation (or your fave pjs and a chick flick - we’re a fan of both options). 


It would be wrong if we didn’t mention the excitement we get from digging out our favourite woolly jumper again once the colder weather arrives. And our favourite pjs.. and those fleecy socks. And don’t even get me started about when trench coat weather arrives. Basically, autumn is all about being cosy and comfy and looking chic and we all fully ready to embrace this. Not to mention the fact that those extra layers of clothing and baggy jumpers mean that second round of apple crumble last night really doesn’t matter at all. 


Not something that you would typically look forward to, but yes, we are confessing our love for routine. There's just something so satisfying about getting organised and really throwing yourself back into work and routine after a summer of wishing you were on the beach in Bali instead. That super cute notebook and set of pens you saw on Etsy last night are totally going to help with this as well - new stationary in September is definitely not limited to school kids only! 


Ok, yes, we are maybe getting just slightly ahead of ourselves with this one, but around September and the beginning of Autumn we definitely start to get excited about all the upcoming festivities - halloween, bonfire night, christmas; there's just so much to look forward to! Our heads are filled with dreams of dinner parties, bonfires, celebrations and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with it all. And with so many upcoming holidays, September is definitely not too early to start planning those all important dinner menus and recipes right? What’s not to love about that!