All Things Coffee: Pact + Truffles

Coffee. No, it isn't a superfood. And yes, a lot of people put it in the 'bad' category (other than sirtfoods, they're all about the caffeine), but some days you just need that extra boost and even all the cacao, maca and matcha in the world wouldn't quite cut it. But if you're gonna do coffee, at least make it the good stuff. And that's where our good friends Pact coffee come into it.

Anyone who has been down to visit us at Old Street will have noticed that we have partnered with Pact Coffee to offer both delicious food and delicious coffee, all under one roof. We've basically lived off almond milk flat whites for the 2 weeks (we're open 12hrs a day, it's needed) and hands down, their coffee is great. 

So what do Pact do? 

- They're a coffee delivery service, delivering freshly roasted coffee nationwide, whenever you desire it - be that anything from weekly to twice a year.

- Their coffee is freshly roasted in London and directly traded with coffee farmers (see why we like these guys?) 

- They sell various bags at £6.95, all that can be tailored to match your coffee making needs (whole bean/ground etc etc) and nespresso compatible pods at 37p per pod.

Want to try it? Head to their website here, enter the code TRY1 and get your first bag for only £1. 

To celebrate working with these guys for 2 weeks, we also did what we do best, and made their coffee into a delicious guilt free treat - coffee + cacao truffles. They're just as delicious as they sound, and you can grab the recipe below. To get an exact replica, order a bag of Pact's La Florida Espresso to make these with! 


Makes 12


- 2 cups dates

- 4 tbsp raw cacao

- zest of 1 lemon

- 1 double espresso

- 3 tbsp raw cacao, for rolling


1. add all the ingredients to a food processor and mix until smooth 

2. chill the mixture for a couple of hours to make it easier to roll 

3. roll the mixture into balls (it will be very sticky, this is what makes them so yummy) then roll in raw cacao 

4. chill the balls for a couple of hours (or 1hr in the freezer) to firm up before serving 

5. enjoy!