January: Workout, Eat Burgers, Stay Healthy

January. The highest grossing month for gym memberships, healthy cookbooks and workout clothes. Also, for those of us already quite familiar with the gym, the few weeks of the year where we have to queue extra long for the free weights section or an available treadmill. As annoying as this may be at the time though, the increased interest and attention given to the importance of exercise around this time of the year is far from a bad thing, and something we wish happened year round.

Being healthy doesn't just come down to what you put in your mouth, it's also about how you use and treat your body and shaking your booty on a regular basis has far more benefits than losing a little weight. Post-workout endorphins will leave you feeling ready to take on the world, and can rid even the worst of moods. Yoga is the king of cleansing your mind, switching off and taking time for yourself (as well as killer abs), and a good cardio or kickboxing session is amazing for releasing any tension or pent up feelings or anxiety. It's about far more than just trying to get 'the perfect body', because after all your body is already perfect. 

It's also important to look after your body post-exercise, which is why we've put together a deliciously clean burger recipe, designed to optimally fuel your body.


Burgers shouldn’t taste healthy. They should taste indulgent, naughty and 100% satisfying. Obviously we still like our food to make us feel good though, but we never compromise on taste. 

The below recipe not only provides a burger that that lives up to these rules, but also provides a clean, lean meal and a healthy dose of protein - perfect for satisfying even the peskiest of cravings.

Along with lean turkey mince, we’ve used quinoa which is packed full of all the essential amino acids you need to help repair and build muscles after a workout - a complete protein. They’re also simple and quick to make and can be prepped in advance to ensure you’re getting your protein hit as soon as possible after a workout for optimum repair. 

This recipe provides 35g protein per 200g burger.

Makes 5 burgers


- 500g lean turkey mince
- 500g cooked quinoa (160g uncooked)
- A good handful each of dill, parsley and mint
- 1 lemon, juice and zest
- 1 garlic clove, minced
- 1 tsp paprika
- ½ tsp himalayan salt
- ½ tsp rapeseed oil for frying


1. Place the turkey mince in a bowl and add all the ingredients.
2. Mix all ingredients together with your hands, until combined
3. Heat a fry pan and add your oil. Place as many patties in the pan as can fit.
4. Cook on one side for 6 minutes and cook on the second side for 4-5 minutes.
5. Serve in a bun with tomato, cucumber, shredded savoy cabbage and herbs. Add a spoonful of hummus too if you want an added protein hit.

Tip: this recipe also makes great meatballs!