Our Philosophy: Why we do what we do

Healthy food is not a trend, it's not a fad and it's definitely not a quick fix diet either. We didn't start making our lunch boxes because it's 'cool' or to jump on board the band wagon (albeit it being a great band wagon to be on) - we started because we genuinely care about the health of others, and needed to show that healthy, natural food doesn't have to be seen as boring, tasteless or a chore to eat. 

We have a strong philosophy behind everything we do: from the ingredients we choose to use, the companies we work with and the products that we make (not to mention our regular lunch debates on all things health related - we're definitely a group of passionate, opinionated women!) and thought it was about time we shared our reasons with you: 

1. GENUINE HEALTHY FOOD IS HARD TO FIND (and this is a serious problem) 

We've all been there - coffee with friends, mid work-day hunger pangs, being too busy to pack lunch for the next day and we're stuck trawling the supermarkets, cafe menus and food to go options for something at least relatively healthy. The possibility of getting something free from gluten, wheat, dairy AND refined sugars - near enough impossible. In fact, the possibility of getting something that doesn't have at least one ingredient in that you're not entirely comfortable with is beyond us. Finding a delicious, vibrant lunch that will leave you feeling great (eg. the way you're meant to feel) should be as easy as it is to get a McDonald's - and it's frankly worrying that it isn't. 


The amount of healthy cafe's across London is definitely increasing, but there seems to be a stigma building that unless you're a gym-loving, yoga pant wearing goddess who loves nothing more than a morning green juice and kale for dinner, you should probably go elsewhere. Now don't get me wrong, yoga pants are a way of life, but healthy food should be suitable for, and enjoyed by, everyone. Which is why we try to offer as much diversity as possible across our range, in as many locations as possible - something for everyone. 


I'm sure we're not the only ones worried about the growing increase in food intolerances, and why there wasn't a 1/3 of the population intolerant to gluten in the 1950's too. The basic answer is that our bodies are not designed to digest the processed foods we are consuming daily, and that the human body has not developed as quickly as our manufacturing processes. We are not meant to eat food that’s been made in factories: we are meant to eat food that has been grown from the earth. Taking it back to the basics, using and eating natural wholesome organically grown ingredients is surely what our bodies need - and who are we to argue with that? 


Beautiful starts on the inside. Treating your body with the respect and love that it deserves, and allowing it the ability to perform at it's best all starts with what we choose to put in it. Meditation, mindfulness and exercise are also hugely important, particularly in today's society, but nothing more so than eating natural, wholesome foods. A happy body is a happy mind. 


And that alone is enough validation to make lots and lots of it, everyday, right?