Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Butternut Squash

Oh squash, no matter how cold the wind, or torrential the rain, there will always be the reassurance that along with this comes the comfort and complete (guilt free) indulgence of an abundance of squash and an excuse to eat it in every meal. Butternut squash tends to be denser than sweet potato and not quite as sweet but noticeably sweeter than pumpkin. It has high levels of vitamin A, making it a great anti-oxidant and wonderful for skin health. 

It’s only in season in the UK in September and October, however once grown, can be stored in cool conditions for up to 3 months making it easily accessible throughout the colder months. It’s a great option for adding variety to meals rather than always opting for sweet potato or pumpkin and as they’re quite large in size, ideal when entertaining or cooking for the family. 


- Butternut squash can be quite difficult to cut whole. To make things easier, pierce the skin and roast for 20 minutes first, then remove and cut as desired.

- Roasted butternut squash is ideal for adding to salads for a hearties option.  Pair with rocket, red cabbage and hummus for a tasty lunch option. 

- Butternut squash soup is also a winter essential. Creamy & indulgent, but completely guilt free! Our favourite flavour combination is butternut squash, chilli and garlic. 

- Roast butternut squash also works well as a side dish alongside other roasted vegetables such as red onion, parsnips and tomato, ideal for serving alongside roast lamb or quail. 

- Butternut squash is also a great addition to stews, curries chillies and tagines, alongside or in replacement of meat, for a comforting + filling dinner option. 

- Butternut squash doesn’t always have to be chopped or pureed either. Cut the squash in half, remove the seeds then stuff with anything from spiced quinoa to vegetable curry for a delicious meal. 

- As well as the many savoury options, Butternut squash also works really well in sweet - roasted butternut squash can be pureed along with cacao powder and maple syrup for a healthy chocolate mousse. 

- If you happen to have an ice cream maker, then this also makes a deliciously creamy, guilt free ice cream.

- Butternut squash puree can also be used in replacement of sweet potato in our delicious pumpkin pies, as well as added to cake mixtures and pancake batters for an autumnal twist on traditional baked goods.