Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Cranberries

Cranberries just scream Christmas don’t they? And as cranberry season arrives in the UK, it’s the perfect time to start incorporating them into your meals - they’re definitely not limited to just cranberry sauce! They’re quite a tart berry though and not ideal for eating raw, tending to be best when sweetened slightly with honey or maple syrup. They pair wonderfully in both sweet and savoury, particularly with other seasonal produce such as brussel sprouts or apple and there’s no denying how well they pair with game as a sauce - there’s a reason it’s a Christmas classic!

They’re also really hard to find any other time of the year and the best, local produce is around for only a short time before Christmas so it’s definitely worth grabbing them whilst you can - we like to freeze a few tubs for use in the coming months too as they can be quite hard to get your hands on after the Christmas rush! 

As always we’ve put together our favourite tips and tricks to try - you’ll be adding cranberries to everything from your salsa to your pancakes in no time! 


- For a modern take on a cranberry sauce, try cooking them with your meat. Sauté onions for 5 minutes in a pan, then add your meat of choice (turkey to keep it festive!) and crushed fresh cranberries to the pan and continue to cook for 15-20 minutes until sticky. - - Add chopped fresh cranberries to your salsa along with red onion, tomato and seasoning then serve with chopped avocado for a sweet burst of flavour
- There’s no denying how great a cranberry sauce is - simply stew the raspberries in a splash of water and honey or maple syrup until soft. Add a
- Cranberries also make delicious desserts and puddings - just be sure to taste the sweetness of a mixture first to avoid a tart or bitter surprise. They make the perfect addition to crumbles, tarts and galettes - a particular favourite of ours is a spiced pear and cranberry galette - the perfect easy to make festive dessert
- Add cranberries to your favourite muffin recipe too or for a morning treat, try adding a few into pancake batter, for a burst of flavour  
- We can’t forget about dried cranberries either - although they’re easy to find year round, they make the perfect addition to a festive granola along with orange juice and winter spice!