Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Jersey Royals

Potatoes - what used to be a staple in the British diet gained themselves a bit of a bad rep and were qucikly banished in favour of their healthier, brighter replica; sweet potatoes. But maybe there's room for both of them at this party? Potatoes are an amazing, British-grown staple, meaning you can support local businesses, eat locally and reduce how far your food is travelling all whilst enjoying a seriously good meal. 

Health benefits? Despite what you're lead to believe, potatoes really aren't the bad guys! They're a great source of prebiotic fibre - a type of undigestible plant fibre that live inside the large intestine and act as food for probiotics. The more of them available in the gut, the more efficiently probiotics work. So basically, in order to get all the glorious health benefits of kimchi, kombucha, kefir etc., you need to be loading up on prebiotics too (potatoes included!).


Where to start? Boiled potatoes slathered in butter aren't exactly our idea of 'fine dining', but mix up your cooking technique a little and you could be serving some seriously impressive meals: 

- Grilled potatoes are a thing of glory, and make for a great speedy evening meal. Simply grill with a little oil and salt, then serve with a ton of veggies 'Buddha bowl' style. We particularly like them with grilled aubergine, red peppers and a ton of hummus. 

- And lets not forgot about fries. Oven baked fries that forgo the frier are our kinda thing, and are seriously good. We finding boiling them first, then covering in a little seasoned rice flour is key to the crisp. 

- Potatoes at brunch? You bet. As a meal that generally centres around carbs, potatoes are the perfect partner. Try adding diced potatoes to your baked eggs, or serving your poached eggs over homemade hash browns or diced and roasted potatoes. 

- Tapenade skordalia is a Greek dish and we can't get enough come BBQ season. It's basically super creamy, garlicky mash potatoes served with olive tapenade (and a side of grilled food ideally). This is a simple recipe that does the job!   

- They also lend themselves well to Indian spices, and a potato + cauliflower curry such as Aloo Gobi is perfect on those chillier evenings.