Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Persimmon

So they may not be local to the UK (although there has been reported growth in Tottenham this year due to the warmer climes offered in the city) but persimmon's are now in season in other parts of the world, and have been popping up at the farmers markets and in supermarkets over the past couple of weeks. 

If not ripe enough, persimmon's can be quite bitter and hard, however once ripened, their flesh is sweet and juicy making them the ideal addition to baked goods and salads as well as jams and chutneys. 

They are a great source of vitamin A + C (as suggested by their bright orange colour) as well as iron, copper and manganese - a great addition to any diet! 


- Persimmon's are quite a new fruit to the UK, and a real treat. If you've never tried one before, I'd recommend eating it as it is first, just make sure it's ripe first! 
- Persimmon's make for a deliciously sweet crumble. Simply chop the persimmon into chunks and bake for 30 minutes, then top with your crumble mixture and bake for an additional 15 minutes.  They're quite sweet alone too, so go easy on the additional sweetener! 
- Due to their sweet flavour, ripe persimmons can also be pureed and added to muffin and cake batter in replacement of your usual sweetener, also adding a delicious persimmon flavour to the bake.
- Persimmons are also a great addition to salads. Slice into think wedges and add to a salad of kale, green beans, puy lentils and walnuts with an oil + lemon juice dressing for a delicious lunch. 
- Pureed and turned into chutneys or jams, persimmons then also make for a great marinade for cuts of meat such as duck or lamb. 
- They are also a great addition to salsas cut finely into small chunks and mixed with onion, tomatoes and seasoning.