Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Purple Kale

It's like normal kale, but purple and is in season through autumn and spring, when the weather is crisp and slightly cool making right now the ideal time to pick some up - although you'll struggle to find it in supermarkets. Head to your local grocers or fresh veg supplier (we've seen it at borough recently) to find it, and replace your normal kale with it for a colourful, purple change. 


As with it's green counterpart, purple kale is rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, C + K. Research has also proven that eating kale can help in detoxing and cleansing the system, making it the perfect partner to other detoxing foods (cucumber and lemon) in your green juice. It also has high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, great for keeping your body healthy and functioning, and fighting off any unwanted disease. 


To us, purple salad or purple soup definitely sounds like a much more exciting way to get in your cruciferous veggie intake, making this an exciting replacement to your usual kale! 

- When using raw kale in salads or to make kale chips, be sure to remove the tough stalks first. Massaging the kale also makes the world of difference - just give it a good scrunch with a little oil and salt and it'll be transformed! 

- Kale chips are a great healthy alternative to crisps for snacking - to make your own simply season your kale as you wish then bake in the oven at a low heat for 10-15mins  

-  Kale is the king of green juices and smoothies and is the perfect addition to really boost the health benefits of your drink - if you like a sweeter juice be sure to add some apple or pear too! 

- Kale soup is the ultimate in healthy comfort food. We love a base of kale, carrots and vegetable stock, with apple and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Simply boil, blend and serve!

- Alternatively go for all the greens with a mix of kale, broccoli and courgette flavoured with ginger, garlic, turmeric and basil. A delicious, detoxing dish. 

- Stir fried kale is also a delicious, warm option. Go for an Asian influence with ginger, garlic and tamari then stir fry alongside bok choy and serve with black rice.