Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Radishes

Definitely a contender for the prettiest veg, radishes are a bright and vibrant edition to any salad, in both taste and appearance. Their slightly peppery taste, and great crunch makes them a key player in the salad world, but are also open to options such as pickling or roasting. 

They are taken from the root of a plant related to horseradish, turnip and mustard, and are in season in the Uk in January, making now the best time to get hold of locally grown varieties. Their vibrant pink and white colour also makes them a great addition to meals in the less than bright January weather! Look for plump, firm bulbs and bright green leaves to ensure the best taste! 

Radishes are great for the stomach and liver and have detoxing effects - ideal after all that mulled wine. They’re also proven to help inflammation and aid in purifying the kidneys. Along with their high fiber content for your metabolism and vitamin-c for the immune system, they seem to be an all round unappreciated super food.   

As always, we've included our favourite tips and tricking for getting more radishes into your meals below. 


- To increase the crispness of radishes, soak them in cold water for an hour pre-prepping

- Radishes best and main use is added to salads raw. Thinly slice and add to any salad to add a nice, crisp crunch and an injection of colour. 

- They’re also great in slaws along with cabbage and carrots thanks to their fresh taste! 

- Radishes can also be roasted, although they can become quite watery so we recommend roasting alongside other veggies + spices

- They’re also delicious in stir frys along with other veggies such as pepper and bean sprouts, served with rice noodles and peanut satay sauce.

- Radishes are also a great option if looking to pickle or ferment vegetables!