Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Red Cabbage

If you’re at all familiar with our salads (and you should be) then you should know by now that we are huge fans of red cabbage, it tends to feature at least once a week. And with good reason! It is packed full of fibre to help your digestive system, vitamin C to help fight inflammation and strengthen your immune system and Vitamin A to help maintain good eye health. Raw, it’s the perfect crunchy addition to salads and slaws, and cooked it’s also a delicious side dish to a dinner, not to mention a beautiful addition thanks to it’s vibrant purple colour. 

Although it tends to be easy to find year round, red cabbage comes into season in November, but only sticks around until December so if you’re trying to stick to local produce then be sure to grab it whilst you can. To get the best, pick the cabbages that feel heavy and have bright, crisp leaves. 


- Red cabbage is really easy to prepare! Simply strip the outer leaves and wash, then slice into quarters, cut out the central core on each then shred or chop
- Add raw red cabbage to salads for extra crunch! Just be sure to shred the cabbage extra fine to make it more enjoyable
- Raw shredded red cabbage also makes for a delicious, crunchy slaw. Mix with shredded cabbage, carrot, apple and a creamy cashew cream for a healthy + delicious slaw
- Braised red cabbage makes for a great side dish or accompaniment and can be flavoured in some many different ways. Our favourite is braised with apples and balsamic vinegar but you could also try asian flavours, rosemary or winter spices. 
- Braised cabbage pairs wonderfully with slow cooked meats such as pork or lamb for a hearty, winter meal
- To speed up the process and to add even more flavour to the cabbage, add it to a slow cooker with your meat and flavourings of choice and leave it to braise whilst you’re at work - not only will you walk in to a home cooked meal, but your house will smell divine! 
- A particular favourite treat of ours, and a possible option for a less traditional christmas dinner is rosemary braised red cabbage served with herby smashed potato and goose let confit - delicious!