Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Brussels Sprouts

Ah Brussels Sprouts, thanks to years of over boiling, they’ve built up a pretty bad rep, but the brussels sprout is making a comeback, and with good reason. Cooked properly, they are packed full of flavour and are a seriously delicious addition to practically any meal (within reason of course). Cut in half, coat with a little coconut oil, maple syrup and himalayan salt and roast for 30-40 minutes and those over boiled balls that were still on the plate at the end of christmas dinner will be a thing of the past. 

They're related to the cabbage but have a sweet, nuttier flavour which is enhanced well with a little sweetness such as roasting in maple syrup or serving with dried cranberries. They’re available in the UK from October-March, but tend to only stick around on the markets and in stores for December due to their association with Christmas (and slight unpopularity) so now is your best time to grab them. We definitely recommend getting them fresh and still on the stalk rather than the pre-peeled selection too and the smaller the sprouts the sweeter


- It’s time to move on from boiling. Cut the sprouts in half, coat with a little coconut oil, maple syrup and himalayan salt and roast for 30-40 minutes until browned and slightly crispy on the outside.
- Try adding different flavours to the roasted sprouts too - soak in tamari and ginger first or roast along side red onion and rosemary. 
- Stir fry your sprouts to speed it up if you don’t have time to roast them. Simply blanch for 5 minutes then remove and run them under cold water for 30 seconds. Try adding a tsp of coconut oil, sage and chestnuts to a pan over a high heat then add the sprouts and stir fry until piping hot. They’re also great alongside caramelised red onion and toasted almonds instead!  
- Make them the meal rather than a side! For a festive themed dish, boil the sprouts for 5 minutes until al dente then add them to a pan with coconut oil, shallots, ginger and garlic and stir fry for 5 minutes. Add chestnuts for the last minute or so then serve on a bed of red quinoa. 
- Brussels sprouts don’t have to stay whole either. Try shredding your sprouts instead - simply trim the ends and cut in half then place flat side down and slice into shreds then sauté for about 5 minutes until cooked. Try adding garlic, paprika and lemon rind to the shredded sprouts whilst cooking for a flavour packed dish!