Self Love: Five Simple Steps

We didn't jump on the Valentine's day hype this year: not because we're against it or want to rebel against the 'hallmark holiday' but because we believe that every day of the year is reason enough to show those around you how much you love them.  We believe in heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast in June, for absolutely no reason other than 'I love you' and flowers bought sporadically, just because. And what about self-love - where is the 'I love me' holiday? Now that's one that we'd get behind, that should be a public holiday. 

So in the spirit of self-love, we're sharing our top 5 tips for sharing a bit of love and attention with the most important person in your life, yourself.  


It sounds quite simple, go for coffee. But how many times does that actually happen? Not just a rushed coffee at Starbucks down the road, but a couple of hours spent wandering, with the end aim of ending up in the best coffee shop you come across, or one you've wanted to try for a while. Then sit and enjoy it, switch off your brain, don't turn to social media - just watch the people and conversations around you. We guarantee you'll be feeling much more relaxed and happy after. 


This is obviously our most important tip. If you want to feel happy, healthy and as good as you should, fill your body with beautiful, wholesome, fresh food. Sitting down to a plate of vibrant greens, reds and oranges is guaranteed to make you feel a whole lot happier than a plate of beige. And always buy the best, yes it's a little more expensive but the improved taste more than makes up for it, and you're worth it - this is all about self love after all. 


Is it all getting a little too much, but the idea of jumping on a plane any time soon just isn't feasible? We've been there. It's time to take a holiday at home. Pick a weekend, rope your friends/family in too and treat the weekend as you would a holiday. No washing, no cleaning, no chores: explore the area as you would somewhere you've never been, visit the tourist attractions, try that pub on the corner and eat at all your favourite restaurants. Then come Monday tell everyone at work how great your vacation was. 


Eating wholesome food, and eliminating the toxins removal process gives you the ability to listen to your body which helps you to fine tune, and indulge cravings in a much more enjoyable and satisfying way - you know exactly what your body wants, so giving it this because much more easy. When your body is being filled full of bad foods, 'cravings' are your bodies way of putting off the toxin elimination process (so putting off making you feel bad) by making you eat more of the bad stuff - a never ending cycle. Bite the bullet and get through this once, and your body will start to only crave the stuff that it needs, making satisfying these such an enjoyable experience. 


Being nice to those around you is a guaranteed mood booster, and it's not just limited to friends and family. It's sounds simple, but small tasks such as smiling as you pass someone in the street, giving up your seat on the tube, paying forward a coffee or starting a conversation at the checkout will leave you feeling much better about yourself, as well as impacting someone else's day too. Make your partner's favourite dinner, send your mum flowers, write your childhood friend a postcard, making someone else's day is guaranteed to make yours too.