Where to Find us Next

We seem to be drawn to coffee - maybe it comes down to making business choices at 6pm, when the day started in the kitchen at 6am, and the idea of being surrounded by unlimited coffee daily is more than appealing. Our first pop up was with the lovely guys at Pact coffee (which yes, included lots of delicious caffeine) and now our second venture into the outside world comes in the form of The London Coffee Festival, happening in London in just under 2 weeks!  

Coffee, a healthy food company - struggling to see the link? In the world of health, it's sometimes implied that coffee is the liquid of sinners (or bad for you... call it what you like) but we're not here to tell you what's right and what's wrong. We're here to make healthy, wholesome, natural food a part of every day life. And last time we checked, coffee was definitely a part of every day life. Just now instead of being stuck with a choice of croissant or bagel alongside your coffee, you can have acai chia pudding, bircher or bliss balls - much better in our opinion. 

We'll have a special edition 'London Coffee Festival' salad menu, which you can grab exclusively ahead of the weekend below, as well as our popular acai + chia detox pot and coconut porridge with spiced plums, all available for the entire weekend - definitely reason enough for visiting besides the caffeine! 

London Coffee Festival will be open to the public on the 9th and 10th April at the Old Truman Brewery and tickets are currently £14.50 each for the standard entry (although we've seen a few deals kicking around too). We'll be in the food section, look out for our stripey tops! Oh, and if you're local coffee haunt is still lacking on the health scene, give it a mention on your next visit and hopefully they'll pay us a visit on the trade days too! 



- refreshing courgette, fennel, mint and pea slaw with a zingy lime + chilli dressing

- kale, shaved cauliflower, puy lentils and sweet currants dressed in a creamy turmeric dressing.

- roast sweet potato wedges, black quinoa, radish + pomegranate pilaf

All served with hummus 


- grilled turmeric chicken
- smoked salmon