Bread Just Got Sexy: The Happy Tummy Co.

Last week we spoke about the importance of gut health, and this week we're introducing you to one of the gut-friendliest companies out there: The Happy Tummy Co.

As with us, all of their breads are gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar free, but the main focus of the company is on gut health, specifically high fibre content. The founder, Karen, is keen to point out the relation between fibre and good gut bacteria, and the benefits that this brings with it, accounting her chia + teff loaf for being able to control her IBS symptoms - an impressive statement if ever there was one!

Each product is loaded with high quality, high fibre ingredients including ancient whole grains (wholewheat teff, sorghum, buckwheat and millet) and good fats (nuts, olive oil and chia seeds) and are fermented for an easier digestion. And something we're big fans of at pollen + grace: each loaf is made fresh, with love care and attention - the most important part of creating beautiful, body loving food.

And if the revelation of healthy, gut-loving bread isn't enough good news for one day, we got a little over excited about body loving bread arriving with us, and compiled all of our favourite toast toppings for you. Enjoy! 


coconut yoghurt, sliced pear, pomegranate + crushed pistachios 

smooth peanut butter + sliced banana 

coconut yoghurt, frozen blueberries + hemp seeds 


beetroot hummus, sliced mange tout + black sesame 

sliced avocado, smoked avocado, micro amaranth + pea shoots

rocket, lemon hummus, goji berries + pea shoots


All of our favourite foods, piled on top of a slice of gut-loving goodness - what can be better than that? Perfect for those rushed breakfasts, long brunches, 3pm snack needs and late night nibbles. 


Georgia (chef): Cashew butter + banana

Grace (chef):  Hazelnut + cacao spread 

Steph (founder): Peanut butter + banana 

Juliette (logistics): Fresh strawberry chia jam 

Hazie (chef): Avocado + smoked paprika 

Kerry (marketing): Homemade lemon curd 

As well as the chia + teff loaf, The Happy Tummy Co. range includes sweet potato baps and sicilian hazelnut and teff pittas and is available for delivery across London, both as a subscription or a one-off, as well as in Planet Organic and Move Your Frame.