Food Trends 2016: The Update

Back in January we took a look at the predicted food and lifestyle trends for 2016 - the high flyers of the year, revolutionary new products and restaurant trends to come (anyone remember the sirt food diet?). As we welcome June and approach the 2016 half-way point, we take a look back at these predictions to see how close they compare to the reality as well as seeing what else was in store and what we have to look forward to.  


- Persian Food (think stews and rice dishes with dried fruits and spices) 

- Golden berries (move over goji berries) 

- Seaweed (tipped to be the new kale)

- Sprouting seeds 

- Home Smoking 

- Brazilian Food 

- Food to help your physical appearance (food enhanced with probiotics or collagen for example) 

- Insects such as crickets

- No more avocado on toast (the brunch trend apparently peaked in 2015)

- Sirtfoods (A list of foods including chocolate, strawberries and red wine that apparently turbocharge weight loss and help you live longer, mimicking the effects of fasting and exercise) 

- The Pegan Diet (the best of paleo and vegan, so basically the meat from paleo and grains from vegan, with a focus on high fat foods)

- The Detox Diet (essentially an elimination diet, removing common allergy-inducing, toxic foods and drinks such as gluten and dairy from your diet to increase energy levels and weight loss) 


Some were correct, some not. Lifestyle predictions such as the pegan diet are definitely around, they've just dropped the name and can probably just be categorised as eating wholesome, natural foods. We've also seen a lot of cricket flour appearing, so that's the insect trend covered. We haven't seen too much of some of the ingredients (golden berries and seaweed we're looking at you), but there's still time. In fact I can't say we've seen much Brazilian food either, but with the Olympics still to come that's guaranteed to change. The biggest difference though has to be the number of trends that weren't predicted - here's a few we've noticed:

- Pokē (dubbed the Hawaiian version of sushi - it started it's life as a street food option from Pokē, now it's on every restaurant menu) 

- Sri Lankan food (again firstly offered from street food stall Weligama, hoppers and coconut sambal are basically a weekend brunch staple now) 

- British, seasonal produce (we've noticed restaurant menus are changing more often, and are heavily reliant on local, seasonal produce) 

- Freak shakes (hailing from America, these over the top milkshakes topped with cake, sweets, cream and everything sugar-laden have hit the UK recently. As of June there'll also be vegan, gluten free versions available at The Canvas Cafe - we'll see you in the queue.) 

- Avocado continues to rise (the love for avocado will never die, no matter how much they predict it - and avocado roses seem to be the new insta-trend of the year)

- Matcha (it came about in 2015, but 2016 has seen it added to anything and everything - bread, pastries, ice-cream, cakes, porridge... there's even matcha cafe's opening). 

- Turmeric (this healing root is having a little moment in the spotlight - turmeric latte's are hitting the mainstream and products such as Turmeric Tamarind Tonic by Jamu Kitchen have a cult following).

- Rainbow everything (rainbow bagels started it, everything else followed. We're fans of the naturally bright, colourful food rather than the dyed type though..). 


There's a few trends that are still meant hit the mainstream, including mostly a wave of Brazilian food, bars and drinks once the Olympics kick off in August. Here's a few others still tipped for greatness: 

- Bowl food (food served in bowls - we've seen a few hitting menu's, and there's meant to be more to come) 

- Root to stem (an increase in restaurants and companies making use of every part of the vegetable (or animal) - minimal waste, maximum taste) 

- Souping is the new juicing (We'll save this one for the winter? We're happy with our cold pressed juice for the time being) 

- Tiger nuts (also referred to as chufas - they've started making an appearance on the health scene and are expected to be the next super food)