Oppo: It's Ice Cream Season

The arrival of summer is always an exciting time of the year. The days are longer, parks busier, flowers brighter and there's an air of excitement and anticipation everywhere. Add into the equation an abundance of summer salads, fresh bbq's and chilled white wine and it's understandable why everyone's so happy. Our favourite part of summer though? Ice cream.  

Not just any ice cream though. The same as when testing our products - when it comes to ice-cream, it has to meet quite a specific criteria. Creamy? Easy to scoop? A clean ingredients list? Interesting flavours? Sweet - but not unbearably so? It has to be said, we're not easy to please. And our ice-cream of choice may come as quite a surprise, but when the sun is shining and nothing but ice-cream will satisfy, it's oppo that we reach for. 


Oppo create deliciously creamy ice-cream, using natural ingredients and super foods. Their ethos: You don’t need to compromise. The most indulgent foods can and should be healthy, and being healthy doesn't mean less indulgent - sounds quite familiar.

The ingredients list: cold pressed coconut oil, whole milk, apple, stevia and super foods (baobab, lucuma and spirulina to be precise). The flavours: Salted caramel, madagascan vanilla, mint chocolate swirl. 


Ok, so let's point out the elephant in the room, we're a dairy-free company talking about how great a dairy based ice-cream is - not something we tend to do too often, or ever in fact, so let us explain further. 

Our number one priority when choosing what we want to eat, and products we want to buy, it the quality of the ingredients list - if you don't know any of them came from, don't eat it. And Oppo is by far the cleanest ingredients list we've found to date - yes, some other brands may not include dairy, but they do include sugar, gmo-processed soy and a whole host of bonding agents. We'd take organic, whole milk over these any day. And let's not forget that ice-cream is a treat, not something we're consuming every day - as far as the other 80% of our diet goes - we won't be abandoning our dairy-free ethos any time soon (or ever for that matter). 


We took the liberty of taste testing oppo ice-cream with various accompaniments and it turns out that our paleo banana bread makes the perfect partner, so we're giving you the chance to get in on the action. Head over to Instagram, follow our account as well as oppo's then simply tag a friend in the comments of this post to be entered to win 3 tubs of ice-cream as well as an entire loaf of banana bread (that's 8 slices to be precise). It's open nationwide within the UK too so nobody has to miss out - let the cake and ice-cream commence!