Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Rocket

Rocket is one of those things that we tend to assume is in season year round, due to it's easy accessibility in supermarkets, but is actually only seasonal in the UK from April through to October. It's also really easy to grow, so should you have the space, we highly recommend growing your own for an abundance of free, organic produce throughout the summer, when salads become an everyday essential. 

Also referred to as arugula or rucola, it has a strong, peppery taste and adds a slight 'bite' to salads and raw foods. It has been used in England since the Elizabethan times, and is an everyday staple in the pollen + grace kitchen, making the base for our rainbow detox, orange + fennel and frittata boxes. 


- As expected for a salad regular, it's packed full of phyto-chemicals, vitamins and minerals to benefit your health, such as vitamin A + C - great for boosting your metabolism and immune system. 

- 100g also provides 90% of your recommended daily vitamin K intake, great for brain and bone health. 


- Rocket is so easy to use, and requires no prepping other than a quick rinse - much easier than massaging kale for hours! 

- It makes a great base for literally any salad, making a nice change from spinach, kale or cos lettuce. Due to the peppery, bitter taste of the leaves, we like to serve it either with other rich vegetables such as beetroot and broccoli, alongside a contrasting, creamy tahini dressing or with light flavours such as spring peas, fennel and cucumber with a tangy lemon and apple cider dressing. 

- Making cauliflower crust pizza? A handful of rocket on top with a drizzle of balsamic will transport it from home experiment to al la carte instantly! 

- To up your morning greens intake, try adding a handful to your omelette mix alongside roasted red onion or sundried tomatoes - delicious!