The Importance of Natural Skincare: Malée

At pollen + grace we are strong believers that beauty starts on the inside (in case that wasn't obvious already) - what you put inside affects what happens on the outside, and there's nowhere this is more apparent than your skin. Unexplained break out - cut your sugar consumption. Dry skin - drink more water, we know the drill. But as we head into the colder months, our skin could do with a little helping hand from both the inside and the outside to combat the harsh conditions. 


As much as we know what ingredients to cut, we prefer to focus more on what to include to help with happy skin. And an increased intake of healthy fats is your skin's dream: helping to maintain skin hydration and elasticity, keep it glowing throughout the winter months and protect it during the months your skin suffers the most. 

- Focus on eating plenty of oily fish that is high in omega 3– preferably wild, for example salmon, mackerel and sardines.

- Eat lots of avocado (any excuse, basically) 

- Add a sprinkle of nuts or seeds to your meals whenever possible to up the healthy fat content (our go to to pumpkin, sunflower and linseed). 

- Snack on treats packed with good fats such as our maca + coconut bliss balls, full of cashews and coconut for that healthy glow. 


Although what you eat is important for maintaining a glowing complexion, it is still equally important to think about what you put on the outside. Our skin is our largest organ, and any ingredients we put on it can be absorbed into our bodies - so basically if you wouldn't eat it, you probably shouldn't put it on your skin either. 

And with that in mind, we try to avoid products that include parabens, sulphates, sillicones and any known allergens – opting for the natural ingredients instead. And just as with your insides: everybody is different, everybody’s skin is different and it is all about finding the products that suit you, and that make your skin feel amazing.

Which as you can imagine isn't as easy as nipping just nipping into your local boots (and a little more like trying to find health foods 5 years ago). Cue Malée and cue love at first sight. To keep it brief, Malée create completely natural active products (in fact you'd probably find most of the ingredients in your pantry they're that natural: avocado oil, cacao butter etc.), have nailed their scents (this range, 'Verdure' is inspired by the African wetlands on a dewy morning, naturally), are seriously killing it with their packaging (no hippy handmade vibes here) and have an ethos we can get behind too (Malée actually means 'beauty with soul' in the language of the Edo tribe in Nigeria, 'Bini' - the founders native land and source of inspiration). 

We could go on, and we could also post a million photos of their packaging, but we'll let you do the rest yourself. If you're struggling in the skincare department though, then Malée comes with serious recommendations form us, and we hope the skincare industry soon takes note of the demand for natural products - our outside is just as delicate as out inside after all. 

Because it was just too pretty not to share more...