Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Chestnuts

With Thanksgiving taking over social media the past week, we can't help but get a little envious, and feel the need to pile our plates with all things 'winter', including of course, chestnuts. Far from just the idyllic winter scene of ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire', they're actually a delicious and versatile addition to many wintery dishes!  

Rich in minerals and nutrients, chestnuts are an effective antioxidant – particularly convenient for this time of the year, when the colder weather is in full swing (we can thank nature for that one, it knows what we need). Actually a fruit, they're (confusingly) not a nut at all and in fact a great source of carbohydrates rather than fats as you'd assume. Also high in fibre, they'll keep you fuller for longer and help to maintain stable energy levels - making them the perfect addition to soups, salads and all things festive. 


- Keep it simple - cut them in half, sprinkle with water and roast for 20 minutes.  The perfect winter snack.

- Make a chestnut based nut roast or stuffing – a great way to add a hint of decadence and that extra richness they bring.

- Try mixing with other seasonal ingredients too. Try roasting with Brussels sprouts and kale then serve with dried cranberries and toasted almonds. 

- Add to soups this winter to make them extra creamy.  Our favourite is roasted butternut squash and chestnut soup - perfect on a winter evening.

- Chestnuts are also great in sweet treats and puddings – chestnut and chocolate is a winning combination!