Collection 2.0

Those of us who follow us over on Instagram will know that we launched pollen + grace collection 2.0 this week. It's something we've been working on for months now: testing, re-testing, designing, re-designing, ensuring only the perfect product and branding hits the shelves. Before we decided to enter the world of retail, little did we know about how much thought, effort and time (with a little bit of blood, sweat and tears thrown in for good measure) went in to creating a shelve-worthy product. So today we're not only going to introduce you to pollen + grace 2.0, but also give a brief behind the scenes into what when in to creating this collection. 



Acai + chia detox pot 

Acai + blueberry chia pudding with creamy coconut milk yoghurt, topped with almond + buckwheat granola

Strawberries + cream porridge pot

Creamy coconut porridge with a strawberry + chia seed compote topped with toasted coconut

Cacao + ginger crumble pot

Ginger poached pears with a decedant fig + hazelnut raw cacao crumble



Power pot

Baked spinach + quinoa falafels with creamy beetroot hummus

Protein pot

Organic egg with lime scented black quinoa, edamame and a sprinkling of omega-3 seeds

Performance pot

Baked organic chicken breast, fresh greens and red pepper puree with a cayenne kick

Vegan performance pot

Edamame and fresh greens with toasted walnuts and a sweet potato and red pepper puree with a cayenne kick



The Alkaline Balance box
Grilled organic prawns with creamy pea mash, detoxing courgetti + kohlrabi salad and a wheatgrass salsa verde

The Hydration box
Sesame crusted free range chicken breast with a skin loving cannellini bean puree and a salad of orange, fennel + basil

The Probiotic box
Baked aubergine with a raw miso dressing, brown rice noodle + asian slaw salad, fermented sauerkraut and a sprinkling of tamari roasted cashews

The Mineral box
Baked pistachio falafels with a crunchy green salad of cos lettuce, pear + cucumber, a sprinkling of omega-3 seeds and a vibrant green goddess dressing

The Detox box
Sweet potato hummus + cleansing beetroot quinoa with a crunchy sprout salad, pomegranate jewels + sunflower seeds


Back in the early days the plan was pretty simple - we'd just make the same boxes from the lunch delivery days, write our name on it and put it on a shelf. Simple. Ah, not quite. It turns out that food that tastes delicious freshly made, doesn't necessarily do so good in a box for a day or two. Avocado (eg. our all time favourite ingredient) was no longer an option - nobody likes brown avo. Cauli-rice: again, nope, that smell is enough to put anyone off lunch. Pre dressed leaves go soggy, porridge goes pungent without certain ingredients, flavours don't merge well and let's not even get started on the world of food costs and margins. But in the end, after months of ideas, testing, changing and picking the brains of our wonderful kitchen staff and naturopath, we finalised our 16 products. Every single one is created based on the taste, the nutritional benefits, and being as affordable for you guys as possible. We spent hours trying to find ways to bulk buy and smart buy to bring the price down, changing and re-testing to increase the nutritional profile and of course taste testing to ensure a product that tastes delicious - all the way to the end of it's shelf life. We're pretty of the outcome, and really hope that you all like it too.