Pick of the Best: New Products

Why do we do what we do? It's the question we get asked most often - why did you start pollen + grace, what made you do this, what's your back story? And truthfully, when we say it was started out of passion: a need to make healthy, delicious food accessible and convenient, we mean it. And we hope it's something that's reflected in both our food and our brand image - honesty, passion and the fact that we do what we do because we love it, not because we want to make money. 

And it's a story we hear quite often from other brands too. A passion that makes the 12 hour days, 'almost impossible, but we could just about do it if we start at 5am' order numbers and far from glamorous 'office' setups completely worth it. It's why we love being in the industry - surrounded by others who really put their heart into what they do, to create incredible, healthy products. If you're making food for wellness, then there's really no compromising on quality. 

So this week we're sharing some of the best brands we've found recently, who through meeting, talking to, or simply just stalking on instagram (we all do it, there's no denying it), have made us fall in love with both their product and their attitude. Because nothing sells better than a good personality, and a bit of passion. 


After stalking these guys on insta for a year or so, we finally got to try their stuff at Alexandra Palace market a few months back, and quickly announced that we'd now have to return each week to get our fix - we didn't stop talking about those chocolate bars for weeks! And if the chocolate isn't enough, the genuine personalities of the founders is enough to win anyone over.

Favourite product: The Ma's Bar

Where to find them: Ally Pally market, Stoke Newington market & now (excitedly!) Planet Organic  


We've been on a bit of a kombucha hype for a while now, but struggled to get our hands on a good one. Then we found Jarr, fell in love with the bottles, then fell in love with what was inside. It's clear they know what they're doing - and it's clear they're doing it for all the right reasons. 

Favourite product: Original, but we're yet to get our hands on the passionfruit.. 

Where to find them: Various independents across London, as well as Sourced Market and Harrods 


Our kimchi love runs deep, and after a good old insta-stalk we fell in love with the packaging and products from The Cultured Collective. Once we met the founder, Nikki, we fell in love even more - we couldn't agree more with her entire ethos towards wellness. And as for her products, we've tried 2 kimchi's and a sauerkraut and already want more - amazing.

Favourite product: White miso and turmeric kimchi

Where to find them: Currently still in testing, but markets to be announced soon, and retail in the pipe line - follow them here for updates! 


We're excited for autumn, purely for the return of bone broth, and Borough Broth Co. definitely make the tastiest one to date - ideal for when you just don't have the time to slow cook your own, or need your hit and don't have any prepared. Their commitment to quality is something we 100% resonate with too. 

Favourite product: Beef bone broth

Where to find them: Selfridges, BLOK and online