Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Plums

Plums are one of those ingredients that really fit all seasons - the rich, satisfying taste of poached plums can warm up even the coldest of winter nights, yet they're a picnic staple, with fond summer memories of picking plums from the trees. Which is what makes them the perfect transitional season fruit. First showing up in abundance in August, they grace our trees, farmers markets and fruit bowls until late November. 

Plums range in variety from super sweet to perfectly tart; deep purple to red, yellow or green - each with a distinct taste. Look for smooth, unbruised skin and firm to touch to get the best. To get the sweetest, opt for yellowy-red skinned Victoria, bright red Santa Rosa or the yellow-skinned Black Amber. 


- Where else to start than our signature poached plum with coconut porridge? Simply stew plums over a medium heat with cloves and cinnamon then serve with creamy porridge 

- Poached plums aren't just limited to porridge either. Try them as a replacement to jam on toast (great with a spread of coyo too), on top of pancakes or stirred through rice pudding in the colder months 

- Plum cobbler didn't get it's popularity for no reason either. The rich taste of plums makes them perfect for pie, pastries and tarts - just as delicious served cold as hot 

- Try adding plums to your smoothies too - banana, plum, maca, almond mylk and ice is a favourite of ours. 

- We're not opposed to plums in savoury either. They're delicious in winter stewed, served with lamb or pork and a side of braised red cabbage 

- For the warmer months, try them sliced in salads too - add to dark leafy greens alongside a creamy dressing - add slices of rare cooked steak too for a protein addition