Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Cherries

There was an overwhelming temptation to simply write the lyrics to 'life is just a bowl of cherries' here, but we held back and instead will write about this delicious fruit. With a short seasonality, and a deliciously rich, juicy flavour, cherry season is one to be savoured and eagerly anticipated - at least it is at pollen HQ anyway.

The excitement when the punnet of cherries arrived was pretty high (we're easily pleased), with many a statement of 'oh they look like good ones' - as I'm sure we've all said many a time. But what are 'good ones'? Plump, shiny and firm, with a vibrant dark red colour. They tend to be better towards to end of the season too, making August the prime time to grab some. 


- Raw, they make the perfect addition to smoothies, adding a perfectly sweet taste. We like a mix of cherries, almond mylk, almond butter, vanilla and a date to sweeten. 

- Try slowly stewing them then use a topping for all things breakfast: porridge, overnight oats, pancakes, waffles... 

- Stewed, they also work well in pie, crumbles, tarts and galettes - the perfect summer replacement for an apple pie, adding a rich, sweet taste instead. 

- And let's not forget about the infamous chocolate and cherry combination. Make a cherry chia jam and use in the middle of chocolate cake, or bake the cherries into a chocolate brownie mixture. 

- We're eager to try our hand at a raw vegan cherry bakewell slice too... a classic made healthy! Cake friday is calling and we'll be sure to share the recipe!