Spotlight On: The Alkaline Balance Box

During the creation of our new collection our top priority, along with taste, was the nutritional properties of each product. Alongside our in house naturopath, we broke down each and every ingredient going into the boxes, to ensure the end product was as nutritionally beneficial as possible. These are broken down into the 3 main benefits and listed on the packaging, but over the next few weeks we'll be sharing a much more in-depth view into each product here for you, starting this week with The Alkaline Balance Box. 


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Grilled organic prawns with creamy pea mash, detoxing courgetti + kohlrabi salad and a wheatgrass salsa verde - part of our new range of lunch boxes. 

HEALTH BENEFITS: balanced sugar levels, soothing, anti-inflammatory

Balanced sugars: we use light green leaves that are rich in fibre, that combined with the amount of protein from the prawns, help to stabilise and balance blood sugar levels 

Soothing: In reference to the five elements of Chinese medicine, the light greens used in the alkaline balance box have ying qualities, which means they are refreshing, calming and soothing to the body, balancing the yang effects of the western diet rich in red meat and sugars. 

Anti-inflammatory: Since the greens, courgette, kohlrabi and wheatgrass all have an alkalising effect, they are useful for bringing any inflammation down - the origins of disease. With an acidic diet (eg. read meat and sugar) being a key part of inflammation,  the alkalising vegetables will help balance this negative effect.