For the Love of Breakfast

We’re half way through National Porridge Week, with National Porridge Day all but 5 days away, so this week we’re devoting the newsletter to all things breakfast: why to eat it, where to eat it, and our favourite recipes. Thank you breakfast, for getting us out of bed on even the coldest of mornings.  


We love breakfast. It’s the only meal of the day where it’s entirely acceptable to eat something that could also be classed as dessert for your main course, and let’s not forgetthe rule that ‘bigger is better’: we’re fuelling for the whole day after all. But aside from being a great porridge and pancakes opportunity, it’s also comes with many health benefits: 

- Struggling with the effects of hormonal imbalance (acne/cramps/irregular periods)? Eating breakfast each morning, and getting into a regular eating pattern apparently helps to stabilise hormones and realign an imbalance. 

- It’s also a great way to curve cravings, over eating and hunger pangs throughout the day. Choosing a high protein option will increase levels of satiety as well as minimise cravings for high-carb or sugary food.

- It’s also proven to balance energy levels throughout the day, eliminating energy spikes and that dreaded 3pm slump. Throw some matcha in the mix, and you’ll be ready for whatever the day throws at you. 

- It’s another opportunity to get in even more vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids and nutrients that our bodies need to function to their best ability: the more the merrier, right? 


If eating brunch was a sport, we'd already be at the Olympics. Here's our current favourite spots: 

26 Grains: The best porridge spot in London, we particularly love their savoury bowls (and can never quite make it past the sweet treats counter either). And they’ve just expanded to a bigger space that’s definitely worth checking out! 

Bone & Broth: They’re currently at Old Street Station until the 2nd December, offering 100% grass fed chicken or beef broth to go. Not only incredibly gut-friendly, it’s also the perfect breakfast on the go for those colder mornings. 

St.Clements Cafe: It’s a West London staple, and the perfect mix of both traditional and healthy. The menu changes with the seasons too, so there’s always something to satisfy those cravings. 

Friends of Ours: Just one look at the menu and you’ll understand our love for this place. Every dish is as innovative as the next and the hardest choice is deciding which to pick - is 2 course brunch a thing yet? 

Pavillion Victoria Park: Aside from the tranquil lakeside location, the food is reason enough to visit here. They offer herby potato cakes instead of bread for gluten free, and often have unexpected (yet delicious) options: scrambled eggs with coconut samba anyone? 

Filmore & Union: Because a good brunch isn’t just limited to London. Filmore & Union is our go-to across Yorkshire: their asparagus omelette and homemade baked beans are hard to beat. 

Pollen + Grace: Did you really expect us to write a list of breakfasts and not include ourselves? We designed them to taste better than anything else out there after all. Our breakfast pots can be found at over 30 locations across London: the perfect grab and go option. The cacao + ginger crumble is getting the most love in the office currently. 


As much as we love going out for breakfast, there’s nothing more satisfying than creating your own at home (and getting to enjoy it in bed). We've shared our favourite pancakes recipes below for both sweet and savoury: get creative with your toppings; stick to the seasons; grill, roast, poach and stew your fruit; add different spices, syrups and seasoning and you'll have endless brunch options! 

Sweet Potato Pancakes (savoury)

Banana Pancakes (sweet)