Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Figs

Fig season really is the best time of the year: with the last of the summer stone fruits and berries alongside the autumnal offerings and root vegetables, you're spoilt for choice for fresh, local, high quality produce, not to mention the short but sweet availability of figs. And with so many great food pairings on offer, the only difficult part is making time to make the most of them all. 

Originally from Asia, figs are now grown across the Mediterranean, thriving in warm, tropical climates (and our back garden apparently...). With many different varieties available, these are grouped into 4 main categories: white, green, red and purple, each with their own luscious, sweet taste and delicate aroma.


Where to start with this one? We love figs just as they are, but they also work well in both sweet and savoury. 

- Not necessarily a recipe, but not one to miss. Cut a fig in half, then smear in creamy cashew butter and eat. You're welcome. 

- A breakfast favourite, roasted figs are perfect with pancakes, or even on top of porridge. 

- Take your porridge to the next level and stew the figs until mushy 9or simply blend then heat) and stir through your porridge then top with pistachios. 

- A beautiful cake topper, they're also great in the bake too. Simply cut into small pieces and add to your mixture (although bear in mind that it does make for a dense/moist bake) 

- With two Italian team members, it would be rude not to mention how great figs are wrapped in parma ham. Not yet tried it? We recommend doing so before the end of fig season! 

- They're also great in salads. Slice, then add to a mix of spinach, currants and a nut-based cheese alternative such as gozo deli casheeze.