Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Globe Artichoke

Aside from being a great help in impersonating the Statue of Liberty,  globe artichokes are also one of the most popular vegetables in pollen HQ - deemed the 'favourite vegetable' by two of team. And we understand why, their flavour profile and texture make them the leading role in any dish, and always part of the best bite that you save for last. 

No relation to one of our other favourites jerusalem artichokes, globe artichokes are the bud of a large member of the thistle family, with the tender ends of the leaves and the 'heart' being the edible parts. Although they're available year round, they're the best from June through to November. For the best, make sure they're tightly packed with crisp green or purple leaves and a slight bloom. 


- An easy way to tackle an artichoke if you haven't cooked one before is by simply cutting it in half lengthways and steaming it (this can take up to 45 minutes depending on the size) If you add lemon rind and garlic to the water it's super tasty!

- The heart of an artichoke is really meaty and is the perfect addition to a salad, or roasted together with peppers and courgette and tossed through quinoa.

- You can't go wrong blending artichoke hearts with chickpeas, lemon, olive oil and fresh herbs to make artichoke hummus.

- If your recipe only calls for the heart, save the leaves and make a summery artichoke soup ready for the inevitably cooler English summer evenings!