Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Kiwi Berries

Getting excited about produce definitely isn't a new thing in pollen HQ, in fact it's pretty much a daily norm at this point, but these kiwi berries really got us going this week. They're basically little baby, non-furry kiwis: like the fruit equivalent of a newborn panda. And what's even better? They're delicious. They're in season through the colder 'apple and pear only months' and they're grown in the UK (Withers Farm in Herefordshire to be precise). Some may call it love at first sight (or bite?).

The actual name, though we much prefer kiwi berry, is actinidia arguta and they're commonly found growing in the wild in parts of China, Siberia, Korea and Japan, though have recently been grown commercially in the UK for the first time. They're very high in antioxidants, particularly for their size, and taste similar to kiwi, but much sweeter and softer in flavour. 

Kiwi berries are now available at Waitrose nationwide!