Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Thyme

What is food without herbs? It's the key to a taking a meal to the next level, provide a whole host of flavour pairing options and is the base for many of our favourite dressings and dips. Which his why we've decided it's time to include herbs in our seasonal ingredients of the week - they're ingredients after all, and seasonal - both in their availability and the time of year we most like to use them. 

Take thyme for example, it's perfect in heartier, autumnal dishes rather than light, summer meals more preferable to mint or basil. Being a hardy herb, it's also perfect for soups, casseroles and roasts, withstanding the long cooking times. Most common in the UK is 'garden thyme' which has an earthy, sweet taste or lemon thyme which has a lemony tint to it, both with an incredibly aromatic flavour. 


- Thyme is perfect paired with almost any meat, particularly game and red meat: simply add it to the meat before roasting as you would onion, garlic and other herbs. 

- It's also a great herb to add to frittata's, our favourites are thyme and asparagus and thyme, lemon and onion. 

- They also make a great pork dish: simply roll pork pieces in brown rice flour then stir fry with olives and thyme 

- Although more of a decoration than edible, thyme makes the perfect addition to desserts such as (dairy free) panna cotta or cheesecake. 

- They're also the perfect herb for adding to roast veggies, particularly jersey royals or carrots. Just add a few sprigs to your tray before roasting!