Spotlight On: Acai + Chia Detox Pot

gf wf df rsf vegetarian (contains honey)

Acai + blueberry chia pudding with creamy coconut milk yoghurt, topped with almond + buckwheat granola

HEALTH BENEFITS: glow, skin repair, cleanse

Glow: The Omega-3 rich content of the chia seeds helps keep the skin hydrated which leads to a healthy glow. 

Skin Repair: The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3, found in the chia seeds, and and magnesium from the almonds helps the rejuvenate and heal skin tissues.

Cleanse: The high fibre content and probiotic properties of the coconut yoghurt, supports the digestion. The chia seeds help eliminate any waste from the gut as the consistency picks it up as it flows through.