Your Best Christmas Yet

We keep getting excited about all things festive in Pollen HQ - excited musings about homemade mince pies, recipe planning for vegan christmas cake ice-cream, and what can only be described as high pitched squeaks at the thought of ice-skating at somerset house and wintery walks in the country. Then we tell ourselves to calm down as Christmas is still really far away. Except this week we realised that actually, Christmas is next month. 

Which also means it's time to announce this years Christmas menu - because nothing gets you in the festive spirit more than delicious, seasonal food. We've given the classics an update - roasting brussels with maple and himalayan salt, infusing sautéed mushrooms with sage and serving classic roast parsnips with a vibrant apple and red cabbage slaw. Throw in our spiced winter brownie and it's your most indulgent, wholesome Christmas yet. You need it, your office needs it, and your family and friends probably wouldn't mind it too - definitely an upgrade from the usual turkey sandwiches and sausage rolls. 

Download the full menu here and enquire by emailing We deliver across London, 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday. All salads are available as sharing platters or individual portions. Brownies come individually portioned - because brownies aren't for sharing. Keep your eyes peeled for them hitting shelves soon too! 


Pre-pollen, product development was always something we were interested in - how did it happen, who made the choices, how did that product end up making it to the shelves - we always wanted a behind the scenes insight. So although things at pollen HQ may not take the 'traditional' approach, we thought we'd share this insight. 

We update seasonally, so tend to bring out new products for S/S and A/W with a couple of Christmas additions. First off, the whole team brainstorms all the seasonal ingredients available, then pair them up based on flavour and health benefits

Once we have a list of seasonal ingredients, and flavour combinations, the kitchen team start planning ways to incorporate these into a pot, salad or sweet treat - all of our products are designed so each element compliments the next. 

The important part. Once the kitchen has their ideas, they're handed over to our naturopath. She looks in detail at the health benefits, whether ingredients work well together or not, and recommends any changes we should make to up the health benefit.   

Everyone's favourite part. We bake, make, cook and create; then sample, sample again (and again), evaluate and either make adjustments or give it the go ahead. 

5. NUTRITION (again) 
Once we have the final recipes, they're analysed again by our naturopath. If anything's out of balance (too much sugar, too low in calories, too high in fat...) we go back to step 4 again until it's perfect. 

We always want our products to be as affordable as possible, which is why we then spend a long time finding the best sources for ingredients and keeping ingredients seasonal to keep the cost down. 

Once they've had the seal of approval from our stockists, friends and a selection of customers, they're ready to hit the shelves!