What's Christmas Without Cocktails?

We’re officially in ‘silly season’ and maybe it’s just us, but this year seems to feel extra silly. Every other night someone or something requires us to drink mulled wine or pop open the bubbles, and if you’ve ever tried to ask for snacks at a bar, you’ll know that their idea seems pretty different to ours (what do you mean you don’t have hummus and carrot sticks available?). Are we complaining? Definitely not! But it does leave us searching for some better alternative when it comes to boozing. 

Cue MOJU. Our friends over in East London have just launched their fancy new ginger cold pressed booster, and were lovely enough to send us a pack to try out. Heavy night/ ginger shots the morning after: it seems like something you surely should do when you work in the wellness industry, right? Probably, but ours never quite made it that far - ginger shot cocktails though, revolutionary.

That good, we need to share. We wanted a cocktail that was made with only natural ingredients, didn’t break the banks, (as great as it sounds, we really can’t be throwing hydrolysed pearl and acai powder into everything), was pretty quick and easy to make and actually tasted good. And with a little help from MOJU, that’s just what we got.


 Serves 4


- 4 green apples

- 2 MOJU ginger cold pressed shots 

- 1 shot bottles’ worth of dark rum 


1. Juice the apples 

2. Add the ginger shots and rum 

3. Stir and serve over ice, or heat in a pan and serve warm 

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