2017: The Food Trend Predictions

It’s always quite an exciting prospect we’re faced with in January: what will the year hold? What will we achieve in these next 12 months? Will 2017 be kind to the world, kinder than 2016 at least? It’s a slightly daunting thought, but more than anything, it’s exciting. 

And most importantly (to us at least), what will we be eating in 2017? Last year saw the predictions of golden berries, seaweed, enhanced food (collagen or probiotics for instance) and insects, all of which, to some degree, delivered - at least in Wholefoods anyway, we’re still waiting for insects to hit the mainstream. So what can we expect from 2017? We’ve scoured the web, picked up the freebies by the tube each day and read those ‘lifestyle’ magazines we usually try to avoid to bring you the 2017 predictions. It’s gonna be a good year, guys. 


- Vegan is going BIG: dry January has apparently been replaced by Veganuary, and everyone is getting on board, from London grime stars to Istanbul’s punk scene - they even have tube ads this year. It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for your insides so what’s not to love? 

- Buddha bowls: we love buddha bowls, and apparently everyone else will this year too. Big bowls of all the good stuff will be making their way onto menus, and likely hitting high street food-to-go joints by the end of the year. 

- Jackfruit as a meat replacement: pulled jackfruit has been on the vegan street food scene for a while now, but it’s meant to gain momentum this year, with jackfruit home cooking on the rise, as well as it’s debut appearance in restaurants. 

- Sous vide at home: Once a restaurant only cooking technique, sous vide (pronounced “sue veed’) involves cooking your meat in a temperature-controlled water bath for a prolonged period of time. It’s loved by chefs for its convenience and precision, and now it’s hitting your kitchen. 

- Natural snacks are on the rise: sort of old news round here, but natural alternative such as vegetable crisps (and the non-oily, natural types) will saturate the snack market further, and be more easily available. 

- Fruited sour beer will be the new IPA: now we don’t know much about beer, but apparently this will appeal to the wine lovers too, and that we know a lot about. It involves barrel-aging, open air fermentation, adding fruit to the mix, and fermenting with lactobacillus, creating an interesting, vinegar-tart creation. 

- Kimchi was the winner of 2016, but Sauerkraut is tipped to be reigning champion of 2017. Eat it with anything (literally) for a delicious addition to your dinner. 

- Olive oil will take a backseat to high quality alternatives such as grapeseed and flaxseed oils

- Octopus at home: A once restaurant-reserved delicacy will now be more readily available in fishmongers and supermarkets as people tackle the tentacles in their own kitchens. 

- Hyper-regional food will continue to grow: we’re talking Nordic bakeries, Cuban restaurants and South American home cooked food, with authenticity at the heart.

- A revolution of the non-alcoholic options: It started with kombucha, but now other fun, non-alcoholic drinks will be available in restaurants and bars across the Capital, including tonics and shrubs (all great for the gut too!) Head to any branch of Caravan, or Crate Brewery to sip your favourite ferments on a night out and get in on the trend early. 

- Pickles and ferments aren’t going anywhere: kimchi, kraut and the likes are hear to stay, growing momentum and hitting the mainstream (woohoo!)

- Zero waste: companies that use surplus ingredients such as nibsetc. will pioneer and grow, using the food wastage from other companies to create new. Expect stem to root concepts in restaurants too, as well as more offal and ‘secondary cuts’ of meat. 

- Tech’s coming to the kitchen: we’re talking smart frying pans and coffee machines that monitor your sleep… anyone else think this is sounding more like an episode of Black Mirror by the minute? 

- The rise of Portuguese food: if you’ve ever tried a pastel de nata, you’ll understand how exciting this is. Other dishes such as salt cod and black sausage are meant to hit the UK too. 

- Your new favourite spice: Asafoedita - an extremely pungent spice extracted from a plant of the giant fennel family, asafoetida is frequently used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. 

- The new quinoa: Kañiwa - a relative of Quinoa, it’s about half the size and looks like mini red quinoa once it’s cooked 

A year full of vegan food, ferments, regional home cooking and new technology for our kitchens? 2017, we like the sound of you already.

And here at pollen HQ, we are constantly innovating, recipe testing, trialling new cooking methods and researching the latest ingredients to ensure we're always staying ahead of the trends, and providing only the best for you. Our most recent collection update has hit the shelves this week, including ingredients such as acerola, acai, homemade vegan parmesan and a beetroot-based bircher, and we have many more updates, add-ons, events and launches planned for you this year! We can't wait to see what the year brings.

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