Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Clementines

There’s something about oranges in winter. You'd typically associate their bight colour and sweet taste with summer, but the cold weather, the influx of sore throats and running noses and heartier ‘winter food’ leaves us running for something fresh, juicy and vitamin C rich. Conveniently so, clementines know this, and come into season from November through to February. They’re the smallest and sweetest variety of tangerine, with a sweet, tangy taste. Their loose, baggy bright orange skin sets them apart, as well as their seedless insides. 

A diverse fruit, orange fits in as well in a savoury dish as it does sweet, although nothing quite rivals them peeled and eaten fresh. 


- Our beloved hydration box uses sliced orange alongside sesame seared chicken breast and cannellini bean hummus to add a pop of zest to the meal. Try it yourself with clementines! 

- It’s also a great flavour to add to stews. Try adding the juice and zest, and a hint of cumin to a traditional lamb stew for a new flavour. 

- Try drizzling orange juice mixed with honey over carrots before roasting for a sweeter tang 

- Duck and clementine is also a match made to be. Rub or marinade the duck in a clementine, cinnamon and 5-spice marinade before roasting

- Nothing can rival chocolate and orange. Try making a chocolate and orange granola with raw cacao and clementine juice and zest for a fun breakfast (read: all day, every day) snack

- Need a quick but effective dessert? Thinly slice clementines then top with a honey syrup infused with ginger, lime zest and chilli and serve 

- Orange porridge? Maybe not the most popular in the book, but still delicious! either take note from the granola and add cacao and orange juice/zest, or simply add the clementine segments whilst cooking and mash them in with a little cashew butter for an creamy orange and cashew porridge 

- Orange and chia seed cake is basically the new lemon and poppy seed, and an absolute must. We love this one by the whole daily.  

- Maybe not the ‘cleanest’, but mulled cider is a winter must. Simply heat cider in a pan with clementines and cinnamon, and serve.