Our Anti Resolution Resolutions

Firstly, well done. The first day back to work after what was for most a 2 week break is over, and you survived. Never have we seen so many blood shot, baggy or just all out still shut eyes on our commute before, nor a line to the coffee shop so long. I’d like to say we skipped by, wide awake thanks to all our super foods and good vibes, but let’s face it - Christmas isn’t exactly renowned for green juices and early morning workouts. 

When is known for green juices and workouts though? Apparently the first week in January. Amongst the sleepy passengers, our commutes this week have also been full of ‘diet talk’, people drinking from nutribullet containers and sad salads poking out of work bags (we’re talking the lettuce/cucumber/tomato variety - the saddest of all salads). It seems the ‘new year, new me’ trend is still in full swing, and people are fighting their way through the coldest month of the year on food you’d typically eat in 30º heat. 

Ok, so why as a health food company are we pointing out people trying to eat healthy? Surely we should be all for it, cheering them on as they down their dark green sludge. But I guess our message here isn’t necessarily against the food, but more so the concept of new years resolutions. We believe that if you’re not happy with any aspect of your life, you should work on it then and there - not wait for a reason. And the concept of going into a new year with negative reflections on the prior isn't exactly awesome, we should be happy with what we achieved and did, and go into the new one with excitement to continue to grow and learn, not full of dread to keep up with the unachievable expectation you set for yourself. You're doing well just as you are, we promise. 

So our anti-resolution resolutions this year, for us and for you? 

1. Keep doing what you're doing
2. Be kind to yourself
3. Go into 2017 with your head held high
4. Eat real food (no sad salads in sight, please) 

pollen + grace