Recipe: Black Bean Salad With Avocado Mousse

This was one of our most popular lunch boxes back in the lunch delivery days, yet also one of our simplest - a winning combination when it comes to preparing it yourself. This is one of our go-to recipes for weeknight dinners, when you want an dinner on the table with as little hassle as possible, but as much natural goodness and flavour as your plate can take. Another recommendation? Make more avocado mousse than you need and pack some for work with carrot sticks the next day - you definitely won't regret it. 

Black Bean + Beetroot Salad with Avocado Mousse

Serves 2 

Gluten free | Wheat free | Dairy free | Refined sugar free



1. Soak the black beans in filtered water overnight (this helps make them easier to digest!) 

2. Drain and rinse black beans. Place in a saucepan and cover with water and a sprinkle of salt. Boil for 30 minutes until they are tender but still hold their shape. Drain, cool and season with a drizzle of olive oil and Himalayan salt. Alternatively, if you’re short on time, use tinned black beans.

3. Place the beetroot on a tray and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes, then remove from the oven to cool. Once the beetroot has cooled, peel and chop into 1/2cm cubes (again - you can use pre-cooked beetroot to save time). Dress with a ¼ tsp Himalayan salt and apple cider vinegar.

4. Fry the salmon fillets in 1tsp rapeseed oil, in a pan on a low heat starting with the skin side down for about 5 minutes. Flip and cook for another 5 minutes, taking care not to burn or overcook.

5. Place the avocado (skin + stone removed), coconut cream, lime (juice + zest) and ½ tsp Himalayan salt into a food processor or blender and blitz until it forms a smooth cream.

To Serve: Put a large heaped spoon of black beans onto the plate (or in the box) in a line, then add the beetroot in a line next to it. Then add spinach next to the beetroot and place the salmon fillet on top of that. Add a dollop of avocado mousse, then finish by sprinkling with coriander leaves and white sesame seeds.

Note: For a vegan option, serve with sweet potato wedges instead of Salmon.







- 120g black beans, soaked in filtered water overnight (or use tinned) 
- 1 large beetroot, or 2 small beetroots
- ½  lime, cut into wedges
- 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
- ¼ tsp Himalayan salt
- 2 salmon fillets
- 2 handfuls of spinach
- a sprinkle of white sesame seeds
- a small handful of coriander leaves

- 1 avocado
- 20ml coconut cream
- ½ teaspoon Himalayan salt
- 1 lime – juice + zest




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