Recipe: Easter-Inspired Peanut Bliss Balls

Easter - a leisurely long weekend, the first sightings of Spring, family visits and (arguably most importantly) a vast amount of chocolate. What's not to love in that scenario? So in the spirit of 'treat oneself', we set to work creating something for the occasion that ticks our favourite three boxes: truly delicious, 100% natural and quick and easy to make. In other words, combine chocolate and peanut butter and you're always onto a winner. Perfect for guests, an afternoon activity with little ones or enjoying during some well-deserved down time. 


Gluten free | Wheat free | Dairy free | Refined sugar free | Vegan


1. Add the dates to boiling water and soak for 10 minutes, then drain
2. Blend the cashews to a fine powder in a food processor or blender
3. Remove from the blender and place in a large bowl
4. Place the dates, vanilla, salt, water and peanut butter in the blender/food processor and blend to a smooth paste
5. Add the mixture to the cashew mixture, add in the roasted peanuts a mix until well combined.


- 2 cups of dates, soaked
- 1 cup cashews
- 3/4 cup of natural peanut butter
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 1/2 tsp himalayan salt
- 1 tbsp water
- 1/2 cup crushed peanuts, roasted

- 1 bar of vegan white chocolate (sub for dark chocolate if this is too hard to find) 
-  1/2 cup of coconut butter
- 1 cup cup crushed peanuts, roasted

1. Take 25g of the mixture (about half the size of your palm) and shape into an easter egg shape
2. Melt white chocolate, or creamed coconut then dip the balls into this
3. Immediately roll in crushed peanuts, then place on a tray.
4. Repeat the process then place them in the freezer for 5 minutes to harden before serving
5. Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


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