Embrace The Love (and the cake)

How many emails did you receive about valentines day yesterday, or in fact, this past week? Our inboxes have been piled high for days now, each one trying to sell me a different way to ‘show my love for my partner’ or ‘treat myself this valentines day’. And I mean, hats off to some companies for managing to relate their products to valentines day - never before did we realise that sofas, kitchen utensils and even marketing courses were all so closely related to love. 

Yet (albeit the start), this isn’t another anti-valentines email. In fact, we’re all for it. Any excuse to up the love is a good one, and if a new velvet sofa happened to show up on our doorstep as a sign of undying love, then heck, we definitely wouldn’t turn it away. Except for us, love isn’t about a show of money, or extravagance. Love doesn’t have a price - in fact some of the poorest communities are where you feel the most love. Love is about sharing, and giving. We look at industries built on money - banking, finance, even fashion, and they’re so sterile and cold. Then we turn and look at our team, then the industry, and think of all the people we’ve met along the way, and there’s so much love, so much passion. We receive emails from people just because they want to tell us how awesome our products are (thank you), or we receive products from our friends in the industry - not because they want social coverage or benefits, but just because they wanted to share it with us. 

So our valentines email is more of a thank you than a ‘buy our products/try and think of a creative way to link courgetti and chia pudding to love scenario’. If we could, we’d send each of you a cupcake, except the logistics of that aren’t worth thinking about (that, and bankruptcy isn’t too good for business), so instead we’ll share the recipe. Bake them for your loved ones, bake them for family, or neighbours, or work colleagues, or just bake them for yourself because nothing pairs better than self love and cake you can feel good about.

recipespollen + grace