How Growing as a Business helped uS find Balance 

The wellness industry is a funny one to be in - it’s friendly, supportive, hard working and made up of so many small brands doing all they can to bring an amazing product into the market without the funding and knowledge of bigger corporates. We love it, and we're so glad to be a part of it. But it’s also full of expectations and generalisations. Oh, you own a healthy food company - I bet that means you eat kale and quinoa for every meal then? At some point, yes, we did. But not so much anymore. Shocking, right? Even more shocking? We feel much better for it. Whilst the tale of how a company has grown is often shared (packaging updates, product updates, following growth, investment etc etc), what sometimes goes unsaid is how the actual company grows - the team behind the brand, the building blocks of P+G. Through building our team, we found balance, and here’s how. 

Take it back to Summer 2015. There was 4 of us, and we all loved kale. It would be smoothies for breakfast, salad for lunch and salad for dinner. The weekends would be cold-pressed juice, more salad and more kale. We were living ‘our best lives’. Fast forward to 2017. There’s 14 of us, and we don’t all love kale. We all love health, and cooking, and feeling great. We all love having pollen + grace for lunch every day, because it tastes great and makes us feel awesome. Except now, there’s croissants for breakfast alongside porridge and juice. And when we talk about what we’re making for dinner (because yes, whilst making food, we still talk about food… all day), some are making bone broth soup, others are making vegan curry, others are going for burgers. And actually, this is now our best life. 

By seeing other peoples version of ‘health’, it gives you time to evaluate your own. Whilst we still eat super foods on the daily, we’re also not adverse to the idea of sourdough pizza on a team night out, or popping to the bakery on the weekend. And we’ve learnt that health isn’t an ‘all or nothing’ scenario. Too often you see people saying things such as ‘if you fall off the bandwagon’, or ‘if you have a cheat day’ - except in health is there is no bandwagon to fall off, and all days are equal. Food isn’t something you should be scared of, and whilst we firmly believe in eating your greens and everything in moderation (and we’re still firmly on team anti-refined foods), health isn’t all green juice, kale and quinoa. It’s balance, it’s eating your greens, but also eating the other stuff when you crave it too. It’s choosing what you want for brunch, rather than what you should have - and through seeing so many different approaches to health, and wellness when growing our team, it helped us to learn this too. Because let’s face it, no matter how much you kid yourself, a cauliflower pizza just won’t suffice when it’s the real thing you’re craving

So we’re putting this out there. Yes, we eat pollen + grace for lunch everyday, and yes, we probably eat more than your average serving of super foods. But we also drink coffee on the daily, we drink wine more often than not, croissants make a regular appearance in the kitchen, not every dessert we eat is ‘clean’ and going to the bakery on a weekend is probably one of our favourite hobbies. We love our greens, but we love balance more. 

Have you had a similar experience? What do you classify as 'balance'? We'd love to know your story, and how you found your happy place. Let us know below! 

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