Let's Talk About Authenticity

Maybe a funny subject for a brand to be approaching - but that hasn’t stopped us before, so it’s definitely not going to stop us now. If the Balance Festival last weekend taught us anything, it’s that the wellness industry is seriously growing. We’re gaining a large amount of interest from a higher proportion of the public, and ‘wellness’ still seems to be the buzzword of the moment, with no signs of that changing anytime soon. 

And it’s not just consumer interest that’s growing - the number of companies in the wellness industry is also on the rise - from large corporates hoping to take advantage of the interest, to tiny startups bringing an idea their passionate about to the market. Which we’re so happy about - 3 years ago we were lucky if a cafe had soy milk available, and weekends consisted of trekking to find a health store to stock up on the good stuff, whereas now we’re spoilt for choice - whether we want dairy free yoghurt, vegan mayonnaise or quinoa sourdough, there’s a brand to meet our needs! 

But of course, we’re not the only ones to notice the growth, and competition’s hotting up. Which is where the idea of authenticity comes in. At pollen, we like to believe that our products are good enough to sell themselves - we’d rather spend our money on product testing, improving our products and making sure they’re the best they can be than creating expensive advertising campaigns and paying people to endorse our products. And truthfully, as a startup we’re not able to pay hundreds of pounds just for someone to pretend that they like our products. 

But also, why would we want to do that? It’s something we fear is becoming a growing trend in this industry (and is already paramount in the majority of others). Now don’t get us wrong, we’re all for powerful women (and men) bossing the world of blogging, but is there a point where it all gets too much? Should it really be that whoever can pay the largest amount of people to say they like their product should be the industry leaders? Now call us old fashioned but we like to believe that the quality of a product, and the love put into a brand should be the deciding factor on that. And from a consumer perspective, doesn’t it get you much more excited to hear genuine opinions, and enthusiastic product recommendations - we’re already so over every other instagram caption starting with #ad.

So we’re putting it out there -  authenticity is paramount to us, and we’re gonna stick by that. And by doing so, we’re also standing amongst so many other brands who follow the same principle, and who are seriously killing it purely based on the quality of their products. We’re all for sharing our products, we’re for collaborating, we’re for working with people who love the brand, but for paying someone to say they love our product when they hadn’t even heard of it? You can count us out of that one.