Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Garlic

Talk of wild garlic and recipes on how to use your foraged leaves have been filling both food blogs and our minds recently. As the country comes into bloom, it seems the latest trend is to take to the fields and search for your dinner, herbivore style. It sounds amazing, and almost has us booking a one way ticket to the countryside. But alas, London (and running a business) beckons, and we’re yet to discover inner city foraging, so we instead pay homage to the bulb on the bottom of the leaves: garlic. 

Along with Himalayan salt, garlic is probably one of our ‘couldn’t live without’ ingredients. It can turn even the most bland soup into an amazing meal - and lets not forget the joy that is garlic sautéed veggies. 

And the benefits don’t stop at the taste - garlic has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties, and helps in boosting your immune system, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as detoxing the body from intestinal parasites. Alongside the high level of antioxidants present, it’s the perfect addition to almost any meal.


- Dressings: Raw garlic has quite a sharp flavour, so it's always best to roast or dry it slightly first before adding to a dressing or sauce. Try mixing coconut milk with turmeric, roasted garlic. olive oil, salt, ground ginger and apple cider vinegar for a creamy, garlic dressing - perfect with kale based summer salads.  

- Veggies: Simple, yet so, so effective, and a staple at staff lunch. Simply mince the garlic or cut it finely, then add to a pan with oil and salt. Add your veggies and pan fry for 5-10mins.  

- Roast Garlic: Soft, roasted garlic is a glorious thing. Roast for 25mins alongside meat or vegetables for soft garlic and infused meat or veg. 

- Soup: As much as we're heading into summer, with the British climate soup is still very much on the menu. Go for a spring addition with a mix of spring greens and garden peas with coconut milk and loads of roast garlic - yum! 

- Hummus: similar to garlic, hummus has the ability to improve almost any meal, so combine the two and you're seriously onto a winner. Add a load of roasted garlic to your normal hummus mix (chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, salt) and serve with crudités for the perfect summer snack board.