Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Apricots

Stone fruit season is starting, and we are more than ready. Kicking off with apricots, we're ready to poach, stew, blend, ferment and bake our way through the summer months. Evening dinners al fresco? Stewed apricots + ice cream are the perfect dessert. Sunday snack at the market? A punnet of fresh apricots is ideal. A summer shrub in the making? Apricot + basil coming at ya. Basically they're bright, vibrant and make pretty much any spring/summer occasion that much better.

Part of the peach and plum family, and bearing the similar round shape and stoney middle, they have a mildly sweet, summery taste. Hailed by the Greeks as 'golden eggs of the sun', they are mainly grown in the Mediterranean and Middle East from May through to September - hence why they're so often found in Middle Eastern cuisines. Aside from their savoury escapades, they also make a great compote, crumble or tart - in fact any summer breakfast can always benefit from them.


- Roasting apricots brings out the sweet flavour and makes the flesh softer - both of which we're a fan of. Try them with porridge or coconut yoghurt at breakfast. It's also great to prep ahead and store in the fridge for work-breakfasts-in-a-rush. Soak your oats overnight in oat milk, top with the apricot and a sprinkle of toasted almonds and et viola! 

- They're also great with savoury if you're a fan of fruit in your salad. Our favourite is roasted apricots served with honey roast parsnips, rocket, green beans and puy lentils topped with toasted hazelnuts. 

- Apricots are also a great option for tarts, galettes, and pies - perfectly sweet and wonderful paired with an almond flour based pastry. Serve on those al fresco evenings for an easily impressive, prep ahead dessert. 

- Apricot chia jam is a delicious alternative to strawberry chia jam and a serious breakfast transformer. Stew apricots with a little honey (or no sweetener at all, your choice) then add in a good amount of chia seeds and leave to cool into a gloopy jam. Store in the fridge for up to 5 days.

- They're also a staple in moroccan dishes. Try adding to a hot stew with other moroccan flavours such as paprika and cumin. Add slow cooked lamb for a meat option of chickpeas and butternut squash for a veggie alternative.