2017 Food Trends: The 6 Month Recap

Back in January we shared what were set to be the ‘2017 Food Trends’ - because for us, nothing is quite as exciting as finding out what we’re going to be eating (or eat least looking at photos of on Instagram…) for the next 12months. And scarily we’ve now reached the half way mark for 2017. So it’s time for a quick recap - how have the predictions transpired over the first half of the year? Have veganism, zero waste restaurants and Portuguese cuisine hit the mainstream, or are we still all too caught up on avo on toast and spiralised vegetables to move on from 2016? Let’s take a look! 

THE PREDICTIONS (and the outcome) 

- Vegan is going BIG.

Pretty true, right? A vegan chicken shop in Hackney has some of the longest queues in London, major supermarkets are upping their vegan offering, and you no longer feel like ‘that person’ when you order an oat milk iced latte. So that’s ones confirmed - Veganism is on the rise! 

- Buddha bowls.

We’re pretty mixed on this one - buddha bowls are still ever present on insta feeds, but in restaurants, not so much - at least not in the UK anyway. We’ve stilll got 6 months to go though - let’s hope for a buddha bowl influx! 

- Jackfruit as a meat replacement.

Again, we’re split. It’s definitely on the up - and non-vegan restaurants are also getting in on the trend a little more, but it’s still not exactly hitting the headlines. 

- Sous vide at home.

We for one have not been cooking our meat in temperature-controlled water baths for a prolonged period of time at home, nor do we plan to. Maybe this can be one for 2018 goals?

- Natural snacks are on the rise.

This ones been hitting the predictions for a few years now, but seeing as we now have as much choice in the ‘protein/date bar’ section as we do the chocolate aisle, we can definitely confirm this one.

- Fruited sour beer will be the new IPA.

Ok, so maybe we’re just too attached to our Aperol Spritz, but this one’s been slow going. Although we did notice fruited sour beer in Whole Foods recently and got a little too excited about it. We’re not giving up hope on this one just yet! 

- Sauerkraut is tipped to be the reigning ferment champion of 2017.

All ferments are winners in our eyes, but sauerkraut could potentially be taking the lead. Original is old news, but flavours such as beetroot, fennel and apple are keeping things interesting! 

- Olive oil will take a backseat to high quality alternatives such as grapeseed and flaxseed oils

Now call us traditionalists (or put it down to the influence of a recent trip to Italy), but nothing will ever come between us and olive oil - not even coconut got in the way of that love affair. Although things are definitely hotting up in the flavoured oils department - grapefruit oil could quite possibly be our new favourite salad dressing.  

- Octopus at home.

We haven’t cooked it, nor have we heard any octopus at home tales of late. Maybe if it came with a cooking guide then we’d be more inclined to tackle the tentacles? 

- Hyper-regional food will continue to grow.

Nordic bakeries are everywhere, and many small neighbourhood restaurants are continuing to open - each being influenced by a different style ofhyper-regional cooking. Sicilian food one night, cuban the next - we like this trend.

- A rise in non-alcoholic drink options.

This is one trend we’re pining for - whilst wine is wonderful, sometimes it would be great to go to a bar and order a pint of kombucha instead. It’s happening slowly, but with emphasis on the slowly. A trip to Planet Organic pre-pub can solve any kombucha related needs though, and their offering is definitely on the up!

- Zero waste.

Not too much just yet. We hear a lot of talk of how great nose-to-tail, zero waste restaurants will be, but we’re yet to see this transpire. Fingers crossed we’ll be dining in a zero waste restaurant come Christmas? 

- Tech’s coming to the kitchen.

No sleep monitoring coffee machines, or heat sensitive frying pans just yet, but maybe we’re just shopping in the wrong places? 

- The rise of Portuguese food.

Pasta Del Nata are (understandably) having their moment, but we’re yet to see much else. 

- Your new favourite spice: Asafoedita.

Whilst it’s apparent pungent smell suggests that the lack of hype around this is a good thing, we’re still intrigued. A trip to a spice shop is in order seeing as it hasn’t yet hit the mainstream. 

- The new quinoa: Kañiwa.

We haven’t yet learnt how to pronounce it, nor have we seen it gracing supermarket shelves or restaurant menus. Maybe next year? 

So we’re lacking in Portuguese fare, bars refuse to sell good soft drinks, nose-to-tail is still just a great concept and we still know how to pronounce most the things we’re eating (which means it doesn’t include asafoetida or kañiwa) but most have actually made a successful triumph so far in 2017. But what about the ones the predictions missed? We’ve spotted just a few. 

- Teff: maybe the new quinoa instead or kañiwa, Ethiopian teff is the GF grain of the moment thanks to it’s high fibre content and earth taste. We love happy tummy co.’s teff scones. 

- Adaptogens: we literally cannot get enough of adaptogens this year. They help with the effects of stress on the body, and are just generally awesome thanks to their long list of nutritional benefits. Try them in our balance box or mojo bar - then finish the meal off with a shroom shake from planet organic. 

- Kefir: 2016 saw the rise of kombucha, and 2017 has so far set the scene for kefir to join alongside it. Whether it’s milk or water based, we can’t get enough - our favourite is Purearth’s spirulina kefir.

- Tacos: anyone think tacos are having a bit of a moment this year? Breddo's tacos (amongst others) have set the movement for casual dining based around local, high quality ingredients. 

 -Dragonfruit bowls: dragon fruit is the new acai, because why get a dark purple bowl when you can get a bright pink one? The Instagram effect is in full force on this one! 

- Charcoal: Whilst it’s not one we’re planning to get behind, based on the lack of scientific proof of 'health benefits', charcoal has been hitting the superfood scene hard recently. Maybe the charcoal latte will be the next turmeric? 

- Savoury Yoghurt: we’re yet to try it, but beetroot/carrot blended yoghurts have been hitting the shelves both in health stores and supermarkets. Maybe we’ll pluck up the courage soon… 

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