Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Marrow

We first thought ourselves quite silly for thinking a marrow seemed just like a large courgette, yet it turns out we were in fact exactly right. In similarity to spring onions simply being onions picked earlier in growth, marrows are simply courgettes that have been left to grow for longer, resulting in a larger, slightly more watery vegetable. This provides the perfect blank canvas for stuffing, adding to cakes, or mashing into savoury dishes, as well as the perfect opportunity to make the most of locally grown vegetables, with them most often being grown in the UK. 

Similarly to melon, cucumber and squash, other members of the cocurbit family, it is best when the inner seeds and skin are removed. Differentiating itself from courgette, the skin is slightly harder, and the seeds bigger, making it the most enjoyable once both have been removed. Try and go for sizes no bigger than your forearm (which we're pretty sure it plenty big enough anyway...) as they tend to get a bitter taste if bigger. 


-  Marrow is perfect for stuffing - simply cut in half, scoop out the seeds and some of the flesh, then stuff with whatever you desire - we quite like a a Mexican mix with brown rice, lots of spices, tomato, onion and corn topped with guac and cashew cheese! 

- You can also cut it lengthways to create mini tubes to stuff too - perfect for a starter! 

- Courgette cake is one of our faves -what's not to love about getting one of your 5 a day in whilst nobody is any the wiser! Marrow works just the same as courgette, if not better due to the slightly less prominent taste - just be sure to squeeze all the water out first! 

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