Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Tomatoes

Life should be full of simple pleasures, and topping our current ‘simple pleasures that we actually get way too excited over’ list has got to be growing our own tomatoes - now if that’s not a sign of ‘adulting’ at it’s finest, then what is? But the excitement is understandable, fresh, juicy tomatoes are one of natures finest gifts - if they just happen to be chemical free and picked from your garden, then that’s just a bonus. 

Tomato varieties run into their thousands, from tiny cherry to huge beefsteak, with endless colour, shape and texture differentiations. They’re a staple in mediterranean cooking (also referred to as the best type of cooking) and their sweet, slightly tangy flavour adds to everything from sauces and marinades to fresh salads and tarts. And as summer brings round the best of the best, it's time to make the most of what’s available: for sauces and chutneys, opt for plum, and beefsteak; for fresh salads, we love yellow and green, and for roasting or pan fried we stand by beefsteak and yellow.  


- Tomatoes are a breakfast staple - try them roasted on the vine served with smashed avo, poached egg and your choice of bread (or stack it all up on a gluten free pancake if you’re feeling creative)  

- We love gazpacho - try making your own by juicing fresh tomatoes and you’ll be shocked at how different it its to the store bought stuff! It also works incredibly well in a bloody mary… 

- And let’s not forget Greek salad - a staple on those warm evenings where cooking is the last thing you want to do. We opt out on the feta and add add marinated chickpeas or avocado for a dairy free option. 

- Come winter (or all year round if you’re in the UK), tomatoes are a great addition as a base for pasta sauce, stews and soups. All you need to accompany is a lot of garlic, onion, Himalayan salt and mixed herbs and you’re good to go.