Behind the Scenes: Creating Our Crowdfunding Video

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We found ourselves in the blog version of a social media stalk over the weekend - we’d been perusing the Oliver Bonas sale (great earrings) and noticed a small, discreet ‘blog’ link at the bottom of the page. 2 hours later and we knew all about a day in the life of everyone from their freelance illustrators to the packaging design team. It’s like the 2019 version of reality TV; seeing the details of someone else’s day to day life was absolutely thrilling.


But it’s something we’ve always struggled with in Pollen HQ. Setting up business in the ‘influencer era’ meant everyone around us had a face to their brand; a personality you can resonate with and a lot of documentation of everyday life. But we didn't really know how to do that. Our founders are inherently camera shy and our social media channels, as is generally the norm in business, are not managed by our founders. So showing ‘everyday life’ would come down to our marketing manager, and we couldn’t quite see how that was relevant (unless you’re into that? My speciality is camera footage from cycling across London everyday and screenshots of dogs…). Likewise, we’re more than just one person and that’s always been a huge part of our values - we’re a team of people who work hard to make all of this happen, so it wouldn’t be fair to shine the light on just one of us. 

But it’s probably about time we got in front of the camera... with our crowdfunding campaign now live (eek!) we’ve splattered a video of ourselves across the internet, as well as every tiny detail about our business and finances - we’ve literally never been so open before. But it’s all very ‘professional’, and the reality is, for every ‘serious talking at the camera’ take, there were 10 more of laughter, inside jokes and messing around. So this week, it’s time to meet that side of us, all of us. Because why have one ‘face of the business’ when you can have 5? 

The first instalment of ‘getting to know us’ is a behind-the-scenes of creating our crowdfunding video. It’s a chance to shine the light on who we are, but also to give an insight into exactly what a crowdfunding campaign entails (a lot!). Over the months we’ll be sharing more of who we are and what we do too - the kitchen, our chefs, packers and office team and everything that goes into getting our products onto the shelves!



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Steph, Co-founder
Kris, Co-founder
Kerry, Brand & Marketing
Jemima, Business Development
Linda, Head Chef

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Last week we finalised the details of which host platform we’ll use (seedrs!) so this week it’s all systems a go to get a campaign created and live within 2 weeks.

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We finalised our pitch last week (1,200 words to try and convince people we’re worth investing in) so this will then form the base of all communication - starting off with our video script! This is all pretty new to us, so it’s a team collaboration to brainstorm visuals on how we can tell our story.

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With our draft pitch done, our videographer then works the pitch into frames and timed sentences based on our ideas. We don’t want to run over 4 minutes so it’s pretty tight and we have to cut a lot of what we planned on saying (always the hardest part!).

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As always some of our ideas were a little on the unrealistic side (what do you mean there’s security limitations to flying a drone over Canary Wharf?) so we cut and chop until we have a realistic plan that we can film within 48hrs. We watched some amazing videos, and whilst we didn’t quite figure out how to make a panoramic of the English Channel or scenes of Tuscan Valleys relevant, we’re excited for what will come!

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Being on camera is really not our thing, so it’s home to rehearse our lines and put every Deciem product on our faces in the hopes that we won’t have an unwelcome breakout for filming tomorrow (oh, the glamorous realities)

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We start filming by the river in Vauxhall to get the opening scenes to resemble our 2015 days. We managed to choose the coldest week of winter yet, but luckily it’s a beautiful blue-sky day so the footage is great. Trying to not look freezing whilst only wearing a jumper? Not so much…

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We’re filming in the kitchen for the rest of the day, so we all cram into the office for a debrief before starting. Meanwhile, we work on the Crowdfunding branding, deciding how we want the campaign page and all of our surrounding marketing to look and sound. It’s definitely our favourite part of any campaign!


With the kitchen scenes done, our videographer takes advantage of the beautiful day and gets all the footage we need of London - it’s about 1hr until sundown so the race is on. In the office, we’re pulling together gantt charts for all of the deadlines we have to hit - there’s so many different bits that organisation is key. We split it into finance, marketing and collateral (imagery, presentations etc) and get to work…

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We have 8hrs to shoot all the voice over, ‘direct to camera’ scenes and a bunch of footage across London, so we get started early. We roped in friends to play any ‘extras’, and started at Sourced Market (used super squares to bribe the train conductors to let us film on the platform) then headed to Whole Foods.

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We’ve booked a kitchen space at the beautiful Mortimer House and are truly living our best #influencer lives for the day. Pitstop at Kaffeine (the best coffee in London) and we’re ready to film all the voice over and direct to camera… e.g. the bits we’ve been dreading!

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More of the team arrives and we film group scenes - we had the genius idea to actually eat during the filming (it’s our fave thing to do after all) so now we have a bunch of glorious photos such as these (and totally understand why you never actually see anyone eating in tv shows…).


Filming is complete! (at least for us… our poor videographer has a week of manic editing to get it done on time). All we have left to do is fight rush hour on the central line with a few glass vases and the off butternut squash to juggle and we’re done.



Watching the finished video was such a goosebumps moment for us all, followed by lots of high pitched nonsense and remarks at how ‘legit’ we are. It’s not until you step back and look at your company from an outsiders eyes that you realise just how much you’ve grown.

And now we’re growing more, with the help of our amazing audience. To watch the full, finished video; to learn more about the ins and outs of our business and to join us in revolutionising ready meals, check out our crowdfunding campaign.

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